Why I live here. Right here. In this house.

Friday Club

Friday club question, why do you live where you live, and it’s a good one.

We didn’t come here to stay. We retreated from the world, from an awful, awful year and came here to rest a while until we gathered ourselves together and could find the energy to start again. The plan was that we’d live in this house, which had been Tim’s dad’s house, until we sold our own house, then we’d sell this one too, and buy somewhere nice somewhere more convenient.

But we arrived, and then discovered that I was pregnant, and time just sort of stretched out and we’re still here.

It would be difficult to find a place as convenient as this. We’ve library, little shops, bigger shops, beach, woodland and leisure centre all within walking distance. There’s a train station, you can be in London in around two hours. The only real drawback is that no one is ever passing – there’s no where further to be going iyswim. And we’re a long way from pretty much everyone I’m related to, or the kids grew up knowing.

The house is a bit small for five of us, but again, it’s difficult to imagine how we could find anywhere quite so convenient. So it looks like we’ll be staying, for a while at least 😉

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  1. I love getting to know my fellow bloggers bit by bit over the blog posts. You’ve piqued my curiosity now – I want to know more.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…Why I Live Where I DoMy Profile

  2. chrisotherwise says:

    Glad you’re staying! – really must try to meet up more often even if only for a quick coffee and chat.


  3. Hi jax

    We met at Ecotech. Just started out blogging and am finding my way round the home Ed mamas sites! Hope you are well. Regarding where we settle……When I was a teenager I opened a map book one time and silently wondered where I would end up. I closed my eyes, opened it at a random page and stuck my finger on the map. I pointed to a spot just a little east of King’s Lynn – BORING!!!!!!!!! Was my teenage response. I was hoping for a bit more glamour, adventure and excitement ( having grown up in a wee village in Suffolk and dreaming my escape for the whole of my teen hood so far….” So I shut that book, and literally forgot all about it. Until we grew tired of living down south, knew we wanted to home Ed, knew we wanted a tribe of clearys and so far… All boys. We HAD to have trees, open space, somewhere for us to spread out so we wouldn’t all kill each other – hehehe!!!!! We started looking at Cambridge, unaware at first of how stupidly expensive it is and that this was a no deal scenario. So expanded the search to say 15 – 20 miles outside Cambridge. Hmmmm, not much luck. We looked at loads but nothing really grabbed us enough. And then this amazing house came up, within our budget, and we just couldn’t understand why it was such a bargain, being so beautiful and having such a pretty garden. Didn’t make any sense! We absolutely love it, even though it isn’t perfect, and there are some features which others may see as downsides. Slight pong in summer from ancient leaky septic tank! Next to a churchyard, adjoining nursery school, part of garden on lease not owned. Garden is a gorgeously wild jungle. None of these things really bother us at all! So here we are…..five years later, exactly where I had put my finger all those years ago!!!!! Life just unfolds as it’s meant to, and that’s the way it is 🙂

  4. Funny how you did your house and I did my city. Although now I have read Paula’s comment, I’m going to have to go and ad a bit.
    Merry recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  5. There’s a lot to be said for convenience! It sounds like you’re happy though and I’m a great believer in change happening only when the time is right 🙂
    Scribblingmum recently posted…Why do you live where you doMy Profile

  6. Seeing your tweets about walking to your local facilities has played a big part in our thoughts about moving! I would love to have a range of things like that on our doorstep, especially when the children are older and they can enjoy a bit of freedom to come and go with their friends.
    Ella recently posted…The Royal WeddingMy Profile

  7. It sounds lovely! I am curious to know where you are? I agree with Ella that it sounds great to be able to walk to places. I can see how having to drive kids everywhere when they are older could be a bit of a pain. x

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