Who wears the marigolds in your house?

It’s been all over the news today, women do most of the housework. Many of us go out to work, but still do most of the chores, without pay. A few weeks ago (sorry!) I was contacted by Flash with the results of a survey they’ve done into the breakdown of household chores. You’re going […]

Living vicariously.

There’s a danger, when you have children, to try to have a second go at life through them. To have them do the things you wish you could have done, to be able to glory in their achievements secondhand. It doesn’t work. Our children’s lives are their own, and we triumph most when we support […]

Montessori moment.

This is how I got 10 minutes to sweep the kitchen floor. I sat her in her chair with two small bowls, some sugar puffs and a spoon, and showed her transferring between bowls. She was engrossed. Sure, some of them went in her mouth, and some of them went on the floor, but that […]

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