Musical charity challenge.

To get to Grade 1, on a new instrument in about three months. Big wants to learn guitar. I don’t mind what I play. Dp is considering joining in and learning recorder. I’m the only one with any musical experience, I’ve got grade three on violin and piano, and grade one theory. We’re not precisely […]

Tickbox home ed

I don’t know whether Big got the idea from one of her friends or whether she’s come up with it more or less independently, but last night she started to make herself a tick list. Of course, we did have ticklists here briefly, but that was a while ago, and they didn’t last long. Today […]

What are you doing today?

Are you setting up a Christmas tree? Shopping online, or maybe, shock horror, out at the shops? Perhaps you are wrapping presents, maybe you’ve been or are going to church. While you’re doing all of that, I’m getting up early, putting on my running gear, and driving to the next town, with a Santa suit […]

Book blogging/ reading/ reviewing challenge.

During our week away I’ve been thinking lots more about my blog for good challenge. I’m intending to donate from any blog related income – I’ll do that as and when I actually receive anything! The Santa Run for EACH is next weekend. My costume is here, waiting for me to put it on, and […]

Fairy godmothers, charity and blogging for good

When I worked, and had a (reasonably large) salary, and only one child, and money spare at the end of the month, I always donated to charity straight from my pay packet. Now I don’t work, and although we donate goods to the charity shops, and buy stuff from them, it’s very rare that I […]

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