I’m not sure how many words I’ve spilled out in random places on the Internet over the last ten years. Quite a few. Over 4000 posts here. Lots of comments. More tweets than I care to admit to, and then there’s Facebook, forums, email groups. A lot of words. And yet I can’t find time […]

That creative challenge…

A little while ago I set myself a creative challenge. First of all I had to buy some dpns (double pointed needles) the local charity shop came through there, with three different sets for £2.40. Bargain. So I tried with some handy acrylic yarn. But really I wanted to use something special – like this […]

Not quite a resolution…more of a challenge!

but I want to spend more time crafting and creating. I want to challenge myself creatively. I want to design items and make them, write patterns and share them, learn new techniques and broaden my horizons. And I’ve chosen a starting point. The technique is icord as shown in this video and the project is […]

Friday out at friends

On Friday we went over to see Em. The kids took stuff to play magic school, including spare wands for E and R, and I took a bag of yarn and various patterns so I could start something else. In the end, they didn’t play magic school, but it was a game filled afternoon as […]

Very sunny beach day.

As we are now close to the beach, it’s rather a draw for small visitors, so a beach trip was in order for Saturday. It took the adults (namely me!) a while to get going, so it was nearly lunchtime by the time we headed out, but we took fruit and water, crisps and sun […]

Quiet day, followed by measuring, patterns and art on the beach.

Yesterday I wasn’t much up for interaction, and Tim took the children out for an hour to give me some time and space. I think they had rather a good time of it at a nearby copse of trees with associated playground. I got stuck into my maths, which was quite good for taking my […]

And today’s library haul…

yes, I know I only went yesterday. But I finished reading Last of the Wilds (Age of the Five) last night, and when I checked online, I discovered that the sequel, Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five) was on the shelves, so I couldn’t resist going to get it this morning, so that […]

sulking now.

Have been drooling over Dolls’ House Needlecrafts: Over 250 Projects in 1/12 Scale on amazon, and Lily’s come around tonight and told me that the author concerned is well worth reading, so I looked on amazon.com and saw it for $20. Even with shipping at nearly $10 that’s still way cheaper than I can buy […]

Bamboozled Shrug Thing

The title is by Tim The shrug is by me, for Big. It’s based on the bamboozled shrug I linked to a week or so back, and I got it out of the Crochet pattern-a-day calendar. I’m quite chuffed with it – I used the king cole pure baby dk I bought before Christmas. It […]

What a difference a day makes

when you leave your laptop switched off It’s still switched off. I’m borrowing Tim’s machine, while he’s out shopping and the grots are bathing. I’ve really enjoyed the freedom, haven’t felt that the day got away from me at all. Well, apart from the first hour or so I spent sleeping after the grots got […]

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