Drip, drip, drip….

That’s the sound of your civil liberties eroding. Back in April the ECJ (european court of justice?) ruled that a part of our current legislation, the Data Retention Directive, was breaching human rights with regards to privacy. Our government’s response is to attempt to rush through emergency legislation this week. Yes, that’s what I said. […]

The one on inequality, basic income and anger.

wealth inequality

Source: Oxfam. Seriously. 5 families are wealthier than 12.6 MILLION people put together. Does this strike you as a good idea? And it appears that the welfare state created after the second world war, to even out the chances of all of society, to provide health care, actual affordable housing instead of Affordable Housing™1 and […]

I’m making a list

It’s for Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted. And Michael Gove. And all the other idiots politicians who appear to feel they know what children need regardless of what people who actually know children say. Did you see this? In the telegraph apparently he’s talking about a checklist. Parents should be issued with a […]

Basic income is something for nothing – why does anyone deserve that?

Click on the image to see other posts in this series One of the (many) criticisms levelled at the concept of basic income is that no one deserves something for nothing. And yet an unconditional basic income is precisely that – something for everyone without anything in return. Why would we want to do that? […]

Basic income – the case against it.

Click on the image to see other posts in this series There are various criticisms levelled at the basic income whenever it is proposed, not least that it’s unaffordable. I’ve given some suggestions on that in the past, but today I want to look at what other people raise as faults in the system. One […]

Could the basic income actually save us money?

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When I wrote on the basic income a little while back, one of the criticisms levelled at it was that we can’t possibly afford it. I think this is misunderstanding the suggested principle and also what the knock on effects of it would be. Another criticism is that people would abuse it – they’d just […]

School for 45 weeks? You’re having a laugh.

a b c 1 2 3 chalkboard

So last week I had a rare night out, and on the way home on the train, I spotted discussion of a proposal to extend school times to 45 hours a week, 45 weeks a year. I assumed this was a joke. Amazingly, it isn’t. I bought the Sun a couple of days later (for […]

Basic income – a solution to welfare?


If you follow me on twitter, you may have caught me sharing posts about Basic income over the last couple of days. Most notably a petition to the European Union which closes today. The petition is to investigate basic income, not to actual start it, but it’s the first step, and one that I increasingly […]

Food bank debate – political point scoring and nothing changes.

Yesterday MPs met in the house of commons to debate foodbanks, following a petition raised by Ms Jack Monroe. Or did they? Let’s read the actual motion. That this House notes that the number of people using foodbanks provided by the Trussell Trust alone has increased from 41,000 in 2010 to more than 500,000 since […]

Democratically accountable – in 90 weeks time.

Ballot paper

I was reading recently about the spot checks on illegal immigrants. Various people have taken exception to how these occurred, and to whether they were actually even legal. This bit of the article leapt out at me though: Last month Mr Justice Blake said the policy was a disproportionate interference in people’s lives and suggested […]

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