Who’s that pokemon?

I don’t really get pokemon. But Small, Smallest and Tigerboy are fans, and watch it interminably. They also play various games on DS and Small does pokemon based art on the computer. He’s even setting up a fan site, which I would link to but I can’t find. (Must talk to him about search engines […]

Once upon a time, I was a cool parent.

And I crocheted chain mail. Somewhere in me, the cool parent still exists and needs to be brought out to play.

That creative challenge…

A little while ago I set myself a creative challenge. First of all I had to buy some dpns (double pointed needles) the local charity shop came through there, with three different sets for £2.40. Bargain. So I tried with some handy acrylic yarn. But really I wanted to use something special – like this […]

Very sunny beach day.

As we are now close to the beach, it’s rather a draw for small visitors, so a beach trip was in order for Saturday. It took the adults (namely me!) a while to get going, so it was nearly lunchtime by the time we headed out, but we took fruit and water, crisps and sun […]

Bamboozled Shrug Thing

The title is by Tim 😀 The shrug is by me, for Big. It’s based on the bamboozled shrug I linked to a week or so back, and I got it out of the Crochet pattern-a-day calendar. I’m quite chuffed with it – I used the king cole pure baby dk I bought before Christmas. […]


In the sidebar, I did it! Finished the never-ending shawl 🙂 Only a week late, as Big is already fond of pointing out. 😉 Ah well. Got other things to do tonight, like eat and sleep, so I’ll wish you all a very happy new year, and sign off til 2007 😀 eta piccie taken […]

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