Contemplating home education styles, with a Teach My Preschooler kit review.


When you mention home education to people one of the first questions (usually right after ‘but how will they make friends?’) is how will they learn to read? Or do maths? The answer to that is all sorts of different ways, to be honest. Some children just seem to acquire reading in the same way […]

Gravity by Andy Briggs


Buy from Amazon here We very much enjoyed being part of the blog tour for Inventory: Iron Fist last spring, and I leapt at the chance for Small to read the sequel, not least because I love his reviews. I think you’ll agree with me that he has not disappointed 😉 I tried to go […]

#brighterFuture Unilever challenge.


This post is an entry for BritMums #brightFuture Challenge, sponsored by Unilever Since having children, looking after the planet feels more and more important all the time. I went through a phase of using soap nuts, or make your own laundry gloop – these days I would rather use a washing product, keep the temperature […]

10 things you don’t need to home educate.


1) A Tuffspot (or own brand alternative). Feels like every early years home education thread you go near on Facebook these days is all about the Tuffspots, and people worrying about how to home educate if they can’t afford/don’t have room for/just plain don’t want one. It’s OK. You don’t need to be laying out […]



That’s a big word for splitting yourself up into lots of different pieces isn’t it? Tell you one thing, I’m going to have to get a whole lot more organised. Hm. Anyway, I’ve launched the new reviews/competitions/money making/money saving site over at Not Just Kids Stuff. There’s a Shopkins giveaway running, so you might want […]

Taking the #FloraLunchbox challenge in sixth form


For years and years and years I’ve been able to be smug about lunch box issues. Even last year when Big started school I got away with it, as she mainly ate from the cafeteria, and even though I winced at the prices, it meant I didn’t have to plan, buy and pack. This year […]

Would you buy my book?


Beginning to think that all you need to do to be an expert or activist or have a voice is keep saying you are one and release a film or book. No actual expertise or experience outside your own required. I’ve a whole heap of experience. Would you buy my book? (I haven’t written it […]

Time for a change.


I’ve been blogging here for over 13 years, and it’s my place. But. A little while ago, a few years back, I started using this place to earn us a little income. And doing that, somehow, put a wall in between my safe place and me. Over the last year, I’ve drifted away, and my […]

Ninja book box.


Subscription boxes are big these days aren’t they? I confess that I’m intrigued by the idea of regular parcels of goodness, but so far I haven’t subscribed to any. That might change with the launch of the Ninja book box – see it on kickstarter here Ninja Book Box is a new quarterly box shipping […]

Puppy in my pocket twitter party!

In my pocket twitter party badge

Yes, it’s that time again – I’m one of the hosts for a twitter party to celebrate the wonderful range of Puppy in my Pocket toys. the time: 28th September 1pm. the place: Twitter! Your hosts: @ukmumstv Use the hashtag #PuppyInMyPocket to join in and watch out for all the fab prize tweets to join […]

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