Today started too early


And involved nearly 5 hours in soft play. This was my reward. Almost worth it. I owe you book reviews and linkies and giveaways and all I’ve got is a head full of stuff and a picture of some hot chocolate. Sorry.



This is the main reason I haven’t blogged tonight. I drained the potatoes over my hand. It hurt quite a lot. So I’m in bed and going to sleep early and get up early and get stuff done then.

Saturday Snippets 15 November 2014

{thinking} it’s been an odd week. From last weekend in London, birthday celebrations for Smallest on Monday, attempting so much stuff and managing so little, via a surge of grief on Thursday and then family gathering today. I could do with a holiday. On an island. With someone else doing the cooking. Please? {grieving} again, […]

Trying to do all the things

Did you ever have one of those days? Where you try really hard to be focussed and achieve things and you even write down things on your to-do list that you’ve been avoiding thinking about for weeks but then despite your best efforts nothing works. It actually started last night when I was trying to […]

Blogfest – meeting people

One of the double edged swords of attending blogfests is meeting lots and lots of people. Double edged because yay! meeting people I’ve never met but spend so much time talking to online (or people I have met and *still* spend lots of time talking to online ) but also aargh! lots of people that […]

At the going down of the sun


We visited the war memorial. Smallest was not impressed. It was only flowers and stuff, there was nothing exciting to it, and I wouldn’t let her run across the little bridge and play. I had conversations with relatives who fought in world war two. They’re gone now. I don’t know how to give her those […]

Saturday Snippets 8 November 2014 the blogfest edition


{sitting} in a hotel room and breathing. Fabulous day. But a bit tiring. A lot tiring. OK, I’m wiped, but then I have been up since 5.45 and there may have been gin {musing} about everything I heard today. Too much to sort out to blog just now I’m afraid. But oh my Francesca Martinez. […]

Blogfest – the last minute night before packing list


Panic! No, I don’t need to pack panic, I’m having one. The day seems to have evaporated, and I’m not ready! Right, OK. I have clothes. (New shirt!) Will be wearing my gorgeous Hotter Shoes, as they are comfortable and practical and just all round the best shoes I’ve had in absolutely ages. (Will attempt […]

All of these rules.

We were at the soft play/ skating monthly home ed meeting for the first time in months on Monday. The older two skate, and the younger two very much enjoy soft play. I took crochet and got on with igglybuff The set up of this particular venue is that the roller skating rink is at […]

Dora and Friends party


People following me on twitter yesterday could hardly have escaped noticing that we were having a party I admit it got off to a slightly rocky start. We were due back from home ed roller skating at 4, but I’d forgotten to take my house keys with me, and Tim had gone out. So instead […]

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