Silent Sunday 20 April 2014


Wordless (and headless) Wednesday


Silent Sunday 13 April 2014


Saturday snippets 12 April 2014


{Watching} walking with dinosaurs the movie. Mixed reactions, but full review, with bonus features to come on Tuesday. {Feeling} sore both physically and emotionally. Post pilates week two, I’m feeling that it was a core and neck workout. I also feel that my posture is improving and I’m moving better (didn’t feel like a disjointed […]

Hold them near.


When the phone rings, and the person on the other end has a break in their voice as they speak, it’s never going to be good news. And it wasn’t. A relative I haven’t seen for a very long time has died. She wasn’t young. She was ill. She died peacefully, with her family with […]

Playmobil Easter calendar reviewed.

I love the detail on the tiny flowers and butterly

We are, as has been mentioned previously, very happy to be Playmobil playologists. And we were sent the playmobil easter calendar, which I meant to review a few days ago, but I didn’t. (I could try to excuse myself, but to be honest, I just lost track of time. It’s easy done – are you […]

Silent Sunday 6 April 2014


Saturday snippets 5 April 2014


{writing} a few sentences. Every book has to start somewhere, right? {photographing} books in the garden. And wishing I had a better camera. But the next blog earnings are already tagged for bookshelves. Ah well. One day. {winning} train tickets. Two. Return to anywhere on First Great Western I think it is. Not sure what […]

Wednesday wanderings.


Matching the table mats. Painting Playing outside. Reading books. Reading eggs. Television. Playing, playing, playing. It’s been a gentle day. Small has done more origami, and caught up with his app programing course. Big is writing a book. And I may have started plotting a book out myself. With postits, on the kitchen wall.

Silent Sunday 30 March 2014

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