Saturday snippets 18 April 2015


{watching} swimming rather than a film. Not that I could see all that much of the swimming from my corner seat in the cafe. But it was enough to be there I hope. (Big reminded me that the first time she did Swimathon, 4 years ago, I cried.) {reading} Summer Secrets, the new Jane Green. […]

Today’s memories


Tent Sky

London days.


Travelling by train – always bring full entertainment. (Love the mini treasures books. Full illustrations but small enough to carry several, ideal for a long journey. ) Don’t forget to put yourself in the picture. Sorry for the blurriness of this next pic, but I love it so much. She was in some kind of […]

Sunday sky


Remember: bubbles in the garden. Early morning with just Tigerboy. Remember: running in the wind. Pizza, home made the way they like it. Remember: family times. Afternoon naps. Sunshine, wind, gardening. (One lonely little pea plant. ) Remember: dreaming Norman’s story. (See him in the shadows. ) Write him down. Draw him. Remember.

Saturday snippets 11 April 2015


{watching} Meet the Robinsons on netflix for familyfilmnight. Carefully chosen in the hope that Smallest would enjoy it, as for some reason she’s very anti family films at the moment. It worked. And the bonus was that the rest of us quite enjoyed it too, despite the painfully obvious plot holes. {reading} From Here to […]

Friday fun in photos


More xyz building. Some garden games And glorious spring skies Also: today I’ve seen butterflies, bees and a bat in our garden. Not bad, all told.

If money wasn’t an issue…

playmobil gold chest with coins

If money wasn’t an issue, we’d have an extra storey on the house. A car we all fit in. Maybe the occasional trip out. I can’t even dream about it. I can’t imagine what it would be like. Just a little extra space. A little extra ease. A few extra memories. If it really were […]

XYZBuilds: a review

xyz tiles closeup

I was recently approached on twitter by XZYBuilds to review their new product a construction set for all ages. I was intrigued, so I said yes, and shortly afterwards, a small, but surprisingly heavy box arrived. Contents as shown. I was quite surprised that there weren’t any instructions. But the children didn’t seem to need […]

4 o clock photo: spring sun through clouds


Making friends


Easter is a time for family where we’re concerned, and today was family lunch round at Tim’s brother’s. 14 of us round the table, and there were hours of chatting, eating and drinking. And time to make friends. Tigerboy loves animals. He’s very good with them, neither too grabby or nervous. This is him taking […]

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