A Wicked Old Woman by Ravinder Randhawa – guest post.

Ravi Photograph

I’m very pleased today to be taking part in the blog tour for A Wicked Old Woman by Ravinder Randhawa. Genre: Contemporary Publisher: Matador Format: Paperback & Ebook Published: 24 Oct 2015 (republished) Goodreads link Amazon (affiliate) A Wicked Old Woman Drama. Masquerade. Mischief. A sharply observed, witty and confident novel. Linguistically playful, entertaining and […]

Saturday snippets 21 November 2015


{travelling} to London, for HP UK event and Blogfest. It was a shame the HP event had to shift, meaning that I missed the morning session (including Rachael’s talk) but I made it to King’s Place in comfortable time for my first clinic at 12.30.  {talking tech} giving advice on wordpress, images, hosting, domain names. […]

The picture unseen


I take a lot of pictures every day these days. Maybe two or three make it to instagram, or my fb page, or sometimes here. Quite a lot just don’t fit the mood and they languish, on camera, on ipad. Like this flower. One of the blooms that I think will be polished off by […]

A chink in the clouds


   Sunrise at 07.21 – I was there maybe ten minutes later, just in time to see the sun peeping through clouds. Within ten minutes it had greyed out completely, so I think I was lucky. I drew during support group, while listening. And failed to buy jeans for blogfest on the way back, because […]

Autism, anxiety and mindfulness.


   Thursdays are hard for me at the moment because I finally started attending an #autism support group. Not a carers group, a post diagnosis group for myself, to help with aspects of living with #aspergers. For me, and indeed many people with ASD diagnosis, autism comes with a high level of anxiety, that feeds […]

Birthday presents and white lies


Smallest had a pottery tea set. It’s been broken once or twice, and glued back together, but it suffered a catastrophic smash a couple of weeks ago. This made her sad. While wandering around a shop just to see what it was about I spotted a tin tea set that I knew she’d love, but […]

Drinking milk.


With 4 kids in the house, we get through a lot of milk. On cereal, as an ingredient, as hot chocolate, in rice pudding. Mmmmm. Rice pudding. And it gets drunk. A little while ago, probably round about the time I gave up tea again, I switched us back to full fat, as any method […]

Tony Attwood on autism in females – my thoughts.

This video is just over 30 minutes long.  It’s worth every single minute if you have any interest in understanding how autism plays out in women. It’s very different to how it plays out in boys. Very different. Get a cuppa, we’ll meet back in half an hour to discuss. Professor Tony Attwood – Autism […]

Saturday snippets 7 November 2015

{Reading} rattletrap car to the little ones, then Tigerboy did a drawing of the baby’s boat on paint, while Smallest and I did some nature drawing. {Experimenting} with pastels. I quite like the results. {Enjoying} a brisk walk to the beach in the only patch of dryness we had today. {Watching} Home Alone for family […]

Things I love about netflix – the musical version.


Today is the anniversary of the first airing of Buffy Season 6 episode 7 the musical episode also known as Once More With Feeling. We started a tradition last year of watching it and singing along, and tonight we continued that tradition. Handily, it’s all on Netflix   I think that’s what I like most […]

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