Saturday snippets 24 January 2015

{watching} Jericho (just finished season 1) and Continuum (just started season 2). Netflix has really broadened my horizons. We had #familyfilmnight on Thursday, How to Train a Dragon 2. Big in particular seemed to really enjoy it {reading} Nightbird. Just started it. Is drawing me in nicely though. And a good contrast to the last […]

New on Netflix – The Adventures of Puss in Boots

adventures of puss in boots netflix

The Adventures of Puss in Boots, a Netflix original series, has been a boon this week. As has been mentioned elsewhere, I have spent many hours sitting in front of the screen with a succession of children glued to it – I comb, they watch. Fortunately, it’s pretty good even from my point of view, […]

Sunday sunset


There’s something about a seaside sunset isn’t there?

Saturday snippets 17 January 2015


{Watching} bits of the films daughter is watching with her friends for birthday film night. Including Dirty Dancing. Such a good film. {Eating} birthday party food. {Tidying} frantically so there would be enough room for 4 teen girls to sleep in the living room. {Enjoying} discussing books with C, one of the visiting teens. Tim […]

What the world would look like if nits didn’t exist


A whole lot happier! We’ve not been through this before. I think I’ve been complacent to be honest, I check, but probably not as thoroughly as I should have done. Which is why now I’m dealing with everyone. So this morning I went shopping. (150 boots points with the nitty gritty comb at the moment. […]

Running to the sunset


Today I was out and about as 4 o clock approached, and the sky was stunning. I headed towards the beach, and as my 3 minute warning alarm went off (obsessive, me?), I was running down the hill to get a good vantage point. I think it was worth it. It’s usually worth it. It’s […]

Understanding minecraft – purchase, download and installation.


Smallest, aged all of 5, has become the second minecraft addict in the family. This means we are buying a second copy of minecraft. And because I’m fed up of her bothering her brother to set it up, sort it out, I’m going to understand it this time. Step 1) – buy minecraft for desktop […]

Playing games

I have next to no brainpower at the moment. I didn’t even put together a proper Saturday snippets post yesterday – haven’t uploaded a picture yet. But I feel like I ought to blog. Because it’s what I do. I have things I want to say about what’s going on in the home education world […]

Saturday Snippets 10 January 2015

{Watching} Ferris Bueller’s day off. So good. {Mainly sleeping} so completely fed up of feeling awful. {Reading} Not much. See sleeping. Picture to follow. Snapshots Big has got some charcoal pencils and is exploring those. Small is doing year 9 extension maths. Smallest is practising her reading and Tigerboy is launching into counting.19 fingers apparently.

Unfinished books.

Wild Cheryl Strayed

I seem to have a whole stock of unfinished tomes about at the moment. They’re stacking up. Sometimes it’s just that I find myself in a different place to the book I was reading. Sometimes I get interrupted. Yesterday I got approved for a title I’ve been desperate to read, so I got stuck in, […]

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