So much to do today.


I was going to do some more photography, sort out some competition posts, look into a couple of affiliate deals, maybe catch up on some book reviews and definitely wade through my emails. Instead I slept in. Dragged myself out for a run, and then went for a shower with Tigerboy. And in the shower […]

Minimum mess makes – Spring pictures.

concentrating hard

As I blogged recently, I have some issues with mess. Since then, I’ve been trying to make sure that we do something crafty or sensory pretty much every day that we’re here (if we’re out and about I don’t bother quite so much!) I wish I’d written more nine/ten years ago about what I did […]

Stepping up to the messy play plate.


I don’t like sticky, messy things. I’m not even fond of kneading dough or mixing cake. And as a young child, Small was much the same. It’s not fair though, to let that impact on the younger two. So since Christmas I’ve been making a real effort to get crafty and messy with them. We’ve […]

Devising his own way of learning to speak – with a Leapfrog Leaptop.

Tigerboy and Mat sat or Bob books app

We’ve had a Leapfrog Leaptop for longer than we’ve had a Tigerboy I think, I think we bought it for Smallest for her birthday or Christmas before he was born. She plays with it every now and then, pretending to write emails, or more often making it make music, but mostly it sits around being […]

A silent child.


Tigerboy is 2 next month. According to developmental guidelines on the NHS site: Puts at least two words together Your child will know a range of single words and talk in short sentences. By the age of two a child will be able to say a range of single words and many children will be […]

A short reading week for picture books.

When the challenge is to read 300 books in a year, that’s not quite 1 a day. I figured that getting a book a day in to begin with would be a good start though. So far I’ve read the Mozart Question aloud to the small children. I think I got more out of it […]

One child down.


Small went to Wed Ed without the rest of us today. Instead I had a list of things to do and the day gradually evaporated without them being done. Although I did help make a pirate map, encourage vlogging and find my keys, so I guess the day wasn’t a complete washout. It would have […]

This is my child.


This is my child. My beautiful boy. Who didn’t speak until he was over three – we signed and he had speech therapy, and it’s just the way he is. He has always trodden his own path. I’ve just been reading his fifth birthday post, which makes it very clear. (Wish I hadn’t stopped doing […]

Growing green fingered children.

Growing green fingered children.

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge (find the linky here) with Moneysupermarket I love gardening. No, really, I do. Or at least, I love the idea of it. The reality, with two small children, tends to be rather different. I imagine popping out into the garden, doing a spot of digging, sprinkling […]

Tigerboy and his toys.

wooden xylophone toy from Plan

Tigerboy is just over a year old, and he’s getting into playing with things. By that I mean playing with things roughly as they’re designed to be played with Over the last few days I’ve enjoyed watching him exploring. He likes hitting things, so the Plan Toys Melody Xylophone we were sent to review is […]

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