Binge learning. 

People often ask how home educated children learn to read, and the answer is in as many different ways as there are children learning. Let me tell you about Tigerboy this week to demonstrate why I think that.  Tigerboy lives in a house (over) filled with books. He has free access to a wide number […]

What’s your X Moment?

Parenting, or indeed life, is full of blink and you’ll miss it moments. Once upon a time, that was what happened, if you weren’t there, you weren’t looking, you lost your chance. Then came cameras, Polaroids, digital cameras, and now most of us have that powerful camera in our pocket in the form of our […]

Happy Farm from beleduc.

Today’s home education activity – a bit of game playing. Happy Farm was one of Tigerboy’s Christmas presents, it’s just at the right level for him in terms of counting, taking turns and swapping pieces. It doesn’t take too long to play and is a very beautiful and tactile set made of wood. About the […]

Paper Dolls at the New Wolsey studio in Ispwich.

Another day, another theatre.   This time we were at New Wolsey studio in Ispwich, for an early years homeed group trip to Paper Dolls, based on the story by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb. The illustrations hugely influence this production, featuring the paper dolls (Ticky and Tacky and Jackie the Backie, Jim with two noses […]

Cinderella and the Hulkbuster with Sky backstage at The O2

A little while ago I took the three younger kids down to the O2 in London for a look around Sky Backstage. It was a fab day out – turns out the O2 is really accessible from here, we got a mainline train down to Stratford, changed to the Jubilee line and it’s 3 stops […]

If you go down to the beach today – look out for the art.

We (me and the younger three) are away at a youth hostel this week, for our traditional pre Christmas home ed camp. We’re in Sheringham on the Norfolk coast and there is a lot of crafting and playing and reading and eating going on. Today though, I needed fresh air. And I declared that Tigerboy […]

Boy hair.

Tigerboy is 3 and 4 months, and until today, he’d never had a haircut. He never wanted one. It was his hair, and I thought it should be his decision. And yes, I loved his gorgeous blonde locks, so very soft and fine. Occasionally it annoyed him by getting in his face or mouth, and […]

Friday fun with a three year old

Today Tigerboy was pushing every boundary of being 3, right up to when he got a pair of scissors and chopped up the lens cleaning cloth I was using to put a screen protector on the iPad. Not good. So he got a screen ban. And then he got lots of targeted attention. There was […]

LeapReader Junior: Animals around the world book review

We’re huge fans of picture books here, and also of LeapFrog products. We’ve got a LeapReader, which Smallest very much enjoys, but this is our first encounter with a LeapReader Junior, and I have to say, I’m sold on it, as is Tigerboy. It’s just the right size for his chubby gorgeous little hands, *and* […]

A trip to the library

We’re going on a book hunt, we’re going on a book hunt. … I took a break from defending home education on twitter to go out and do some not-at-home education. We walked to the library. With Tigerboy’s little legs it takes quite a while. On the way there we discussed how to cross roads. […]

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