Ravensburger Prehistoric Expedition Science Kit


Buy at Amazon When we were offered the Ravensburger Prehistoric Expedition Science Kit for review, I glanced at the covering release, thought Small would enjoy it a bit, and expected something with a fossil kit in maybe an A4 sized box. Then it arrived. And it’s huge. And it has loads of activities in it […]

This is my child.


This is my child. My beautiful boy. Who didn’t speak until he was over three – we signed and he had speech therapy, and it’s just the way he is. He has always trodden his own path. I’ve just been reading his fifth birthday post, which makes it very clear. (Wish I hadn’t stopped doing […]

This time 10 years ago


We were in the last few minutes of being a three person family. Small was born at 11.18 I think. Although I had a blog, it wasn’t then ingrained in me to write everything up instantly, and I don’t think I ever wrote his birth story here (must have a hunt and check). He was […]

A home education hypocrite

Yesterday we had our semi regular trip to a friend’s house for history etc. We’re on book three of story of the world, and we’ve reached the French revolution, American war of independence and James Cook exploring Australia. So one family made brioche and reenacted the French Revolution, there were posters made for fair taxes […]

History with added flowers.

It was history etc today. Slightly odd in that Big didn’t come with us, she was at a Kentwell friend’s birthday party. Shame the dates clashed as there were several extra participants in history she’d have loved to see, but that’s the way it goes. There’s apparently something coming up about tulips in the chapters […]

How we home ed a toddler

With books for pre writing skills And fabulous solid poster paints Which were so good Small had to get in on the act (It should be pointed out I drew the heart. ) Shared reading books. And a sleeping babe. He won’t fit in there much longer. And that was our morning. There was some […]

Pirates! And plasticine at the pirate castle.

We went here. There was pirate food. A man with a beard. Some plasticine and instructions. And about an hour later, a dodo. Lovely to see Maggie, who has also blogged it here Joanne (and finally put a face to the online persona!) And meet Julie. Thank you DNA PR and Aardman Digital for a […]

Education courtesy of science kits and jigsaw puzzles.

One of the plus points of being sent items for review is that very often I can work them into our educational plans. So it was great that we were offered a Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory for Big to take a look at, as there are all sorts of educational experiences in a kit […]

Home education or domestic servitude?

One of the reasons given by the labour government for their investigations into home education and proposed legislation about it was to protect children from domestic servitude. I wonder what they’d have thought about the two hour home economics lesson that took place over yesterday and today, and resulted in Big providing tea for the […]

Skinned knees and dry nappies.

Today Smallest wore a pretty dress. She loves her pretty dresses. Unfortunately they don’t offer a lot of protection to the knee area, so when she tripped while we were out in the garden she skinned her knee pretty thoroughly. She was very brave about it, well, after the wailing stopped courtesy of a quick […]

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