Ravensburger Prehistoric Expedition Science Kit


Buy at Amazon When we were offered the Ravensburger Prehistoric Expedition Science Kit for review, I glanced at the covering release, thought Small would enjoy it a bit, and expected something with a fossil kit in maybe an A4 sized box. Then it arrived. And it’s huge. And it has loads of activities in it […]

Growing green fingered children.

Growing green fingered children.

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge (find the linky here) with Moneysupermarket I love gardening. No, really, I do. Or at least, I love the idea of it. The reality, with two small children, tends to be rather different. I imagine popping out into the garden, doing a spot of digging, sprinkling […]

Sometimes I forget the important things

crafts from weekendboxclub

And I need a little reminder. Today we were sent a WeekendBoxClub box for review and knowing that I’m away this weekend, I thought I’d get started on it straight away. I’d forgotten how lovely it is to spend one to one time with Smallest, focusing on her and just doing something for her. I […]

Saturday snippets 13 April 2013


{Watching} the spy next door. Jackie Chan family oriented movie. A bit uneven in pacing, but overall great fun. {Reading} Follow me down by Tanya Byrne. Which has no problems with pacing {Visiting} kentwell Hall for a sewing day in preparation for tudor times ahead. Lots of costume changes afoot. {Eating} McDonald’s, as we were […]

Not quite a resolution…more of a challenge!

but I want to spend more time crafting and creating. I want to challenge myself creatively. I want to design items and make them, write patterns and share them, learn new techniques and broaden my horizons. And I’ve chosen a starting point. The technique is icord as shown in this video and the project is […]

Preparing for cybermummy

Or maybe not… So far this morning I’ve turned linen into a shift, and now wool into a kirtle. Yes, that’s a kirtle. Bit like a pinafore dress. It’s not finished yet, but it’s a lot closer than it was a hour ago! I think it’s safe to say I’m not completely caught up in […]

Nazca peg dolls for historyetc

If you’ve never heard of Nazca culture, you probably aren’t working through The Story of the World the way we are. One of the things I love about home education is learning alongside the children, and history is a fairly weak area for me. So this week was particularly educational for me at least. I […]

A quick octopus craft.

Trying to get my crafting mojo back atm, so I said I would try for something for RedTedArt Under the sea Get Crafty. In the end I took part in a purely supervisory role… What you will need for this craft is a book, preferably a fairly hefty tome, and some yarn. We chose a […]

Minotaur peg doll puppet for historyetc

Once a month or so we clamber in the car and trek a fair distance to meet up with other home educating families and join in a history club. It’s based loosely on The Story of the World: Ancient Times, and I can’t remember if this is our second or third session – may be […]

Questionaut, biology and yet more lego

So Big went away last night, dropped her off with a home ed friend, so that they could spend the day at UEA doing biology. By all accounts they had an absolutely fabulous time – she was full of it when I picked her up tonight. So that was excellent. Small managed mostly fine without […]

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