Friday frolics at the beach

With home ed friends. When the older children were young, we were part of a network of early years home educators, built around Merry’s Muddlepuddle site. Perhaps because there were so few of us we worked hard to build relationships that are still strong 10 or more years later. (I’ve known Merry online for more […]

Barely tweeting, mainly living.

Wake up. Feed Smallest milk before getting out of bed. Potter a bit, put kettle on, breakfast Smallest and snack myself, eventually saunter out for a run. Run 1.5 miles on just under 16 minutes. Home, shower, dress. Somewhere in and amongst put washing in, (nappies, strip sheet of double bed and bedside cot). Dress […]

Hectic hurried days.

Have had a couple of horriedly hectic days this week, with appts in far flung places and odd gaps in between. Fortunately have managed to fill some of the gaps with friends, like the Puddles and the Beans πŸ™‚ It’s cost a fortune in diesel as well – meaning that when I can I drive […]

11 minutes left

for a quick blogpost to keep up the habit I’ve gotten into of blogging (at least once) every day. It’s been a good day. At 9 o’clock this morning I couldn’t forecast I’d be ending the day saying that though. At 9 o’clock I was asking Small to stop screaming shut up. Why wouldn’t you […]

on the fifth day of christmas

I went a bit mad entering Christmas advent competitions! There’s loads of them around. I did the Next one (£210 of gadgets today) and #12daysofNokia, EZPay via facebook to win £50, theluckygamer, cheapassgamer win everything, bambino goodies, Itchy…I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few. Stick ’em in the comments if you want to share! Other than […]

I really must stop shooting myself in the foot.

Especially when it has adverse effects on the children πŸ™ This morning we were due to set out early or mid morning for historyetc. I stayed up late trying to get stuff done beforehand, and then got up early to finish things off. And we still didn’t leave home until 12.30 πŸ™ This meant that […]

More prize winning shenanigans

A little while back I entered a competition in the Times. It was celebrating/ promoting the National Trust Food Glorious Food campaign, and it included both admission and meal vouchers. I won. I like winning competitions πŸ™‚ So on Thursday we used the vouchers – we took Tim’s brother and sister-in-law to Sutton Hoo, spent […]

Will you remember?

Do you even know today? What were you doing at 20:10 20/10 2010? Me, t’bloke, Small and the baby were at the table, eating as a family. Big was out. At 20:10 on 20/10 2010 she made her Guide promise and joined Guides. In a historic monument with hundreds of other Brownies, Rainbows and Guides […]

Long day and late night.

Not quite sure how the children entertained themselves for most of yesterday, as Tim and I were busy sorting and reorganising to move ourselves down from the loft bedroom. It was beginning to get a bit silly me climbing the ladder, and certainly wouldn’t have worked well once babe is actually here! So I sorted […]

A day of two halves…

So let’s talk about the nice bits πŸ™‚ Big settled quickly to her work again this morning – it seems possible that I’ve now found the right level of things to be working with her on both spelling and handwriting so she enjoyed it today. We did some work on a_e and ay words – […]

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