Bloglovin v Feedly – and what is RSS anyway?

Time for an update on the Bloglovin situation. As you may have seen if you’re on social media (and if you’re not, how did you get here anyway? 😉 ) Bloglovin have made a statement that the canonical URL pointing to their site was an oversight, it’s all been fixed, and everything is hunky dory. […]

Bloglovin, syndication, and the canonical URL issue.

Many bloggers use bloglovin as a way for their readers to follow them and see their content. When it was just an RSS aggregation service, this wasn’t a problem, and many bloggers have built up hundreds, or even thousands of followers on the service, and see a good amount of traffic from it. Right at […]

What are you really writing about?

And what do searchers actually find? There’s all sorts of ways to analyse your blog content, traffic, search engine referrals and so on. Lots of them are terribly serious. Spreadsheets. Software. I daresay you can draw graphs. This isn’t serious at all. And I’m sorry, blogspot users, part of it is wordpress focussed, though I […]

Getting funky with photography.

I bought myself a new toy this week. Last week. I started playing with it this week. It’s a photo tent, with two lights, a camera stand and a bunch of backgrounds. Cool, isn’t it? I don’t have the first idea what I’m doing with it. Or what I want to do with it. I […]

Wordless Wednesday

Quick fixes: down and dirty blogging how-tos at Blogfest 13.

Yes, I’m going to Blogfest 13. More than just going in fact, I’m on the panel mentioned above. As well as being available in the blog clinic again, to solve your technical blogging woes. I bring 10 years of experience in blogging, 9 of it on wordpress, as well as a background as a programmer. […]

Cybher, collective bias and my conscience.

I thought until a week or so back that I wasn’t going to make it to Cybher this year. I’d put a few very tentative calls out for a sponsor, but got no bites, and couldn’t quite see how I could afford it otherwise. And then there was this little post from Chris over at […]

That was the weekend that was Mumsnet Blogfest.

I started this post, some hours agoyesterday… sitting in the car outside Big’s bassoon lesson. Tigerboy is sleeping in his carseat next to me. The laptop is perched precariously on my knee, just enough room to tilt the screen back, and I’m tethered to the wifi hotspot on my phone. And I’ve got 28 minutes […]

That little annoying pop up thing in the corner…

is my attempt to comply with a new law. I’ve written about it over on Technology Solved, but I thought I’d better put something up here too. Basically, on Saturday 26th May this year, a new law comes into force in the UK. It says that before a website sets cookies, it must ask the […]

It’s not what you write

It’s the when that you post it. And where you pimp it. And how much of a hook you get in the title. Oh, and if you can climb on some sort of bandwagon, or popular wave… Sorted. Sometimes (often) it can feel like you’re only as good as your last blogpost. But really what […]

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