Saturday snippets 30 August 2014

{mostly} lying down. Had a funny dizzy turn (no, not a fit) while sitting down in kitchen, and felt much better lying down. Probably only for a couple of hours, but it felt like the whole day.

{running} before the dizzy turn. Though not immediately before. And only 0.8 miles. Slowly. I need to exercise. I really do. I feel so much more me when I am active and healthy.

{watching} Doctor Who. I’m sorry, I’ll give it a bit of time, but he’s not David Tennant is he? He’s not really the Doctor yet, he hasn’t found his feet. There was no spirit, no enthusiasm, no anything much to stop me reading a book. We watched last week’s, then had dinner, then watched this week’s, so at least we’re all caught up and can stop avoiding spoilers.

{eating} burgers. I do like home made burgers. And a very nice BLT for brunch. And hardly any snacking today, although I may have snaffled half a bar of chocolate after the dizziness. To help the painkillers go down.

{reading} lots of books about autism. Autism memoirs. Autism parenting. And being slightly dismayed at how negatively it is painted. Will ponder more on this, but I don’t feel negative about my diagnosis. I am aware that I haven’t talked about it a huge amount in person though – is this partly because I’m afraid of stigma? Or more because most of the time it doesn’t seem relevant to the conversation.

{pondering} the cost of audiobooks. I have some felting to do. It occurred to me that I could have the kindle read to me. Except they all cost a fortune. Though I did find a book where you could add the narration to the kindle book for about a third of the price (in total) of the audiobook download. Which made no sense at all. And actually, it appears there are lots of free or very cheap classics that have cheap professional audio to go with them. Seems to me the big name big price audio really is about extracting as much money. Bit rude.

{watching} caterpillars. Closely. Hoping to see them do the whole metamorphosis thing.

are on the camera

Big has a job. Got her first pay today. Small has an educational plan that he’s written himself. (with some encouragement). Smallest went to the dentist and sat in the chair and let him look at her teeth without any fuss. And Tigerboy can catch a ball, and talk in 3 or 4 word sentences. “mummy gone away” particularly heart rending, although I had only gone to the bedroom!

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