Saturday Snippets 15 February 2014

{Cooking} spaghetti bolognese. A big batch. Probably 4 meals worth.

{Eating} something else entirely. At a pub. A meal out. Wow. (It was a very good burger since you ask. )

{Drinking} Adnams broadside on draft.

{Feeling} like an individual instead of a role.

{Discussing} politics and economics, taxation and basic income.

{Reading} a very good detective novel. ARC since you ask.

{Enjoying} cuddles from Tigerboy who didn’t miss me that much but was pleased to have me back 🙂



Big bought herself a ukulele. I’m trying not to mind. Small has spent a lot of time on education this week and has decided to increase his reading challenge to 52, having realised he would read 26 by May. Smallest has enjoyed more library visits and is starting to ‘read’ books to me. Tigerboy had a day of illness, or possibly extreme teething, but has been his happy self today again. And is occasionally singing to me.

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  1. I love the line: feeling like a person and not a role. DD is home sort of sick today. She was sick yesterday so I’m giving her today to make sure, seeing as I’m working from home today. I thought of you as I wondered if this is what home-ed feels like. So far she’s watching Peppa Pig on her tablet and I’m reading blogs – not very productive.

    • Long term home ed is different, there’s a different rhythm to it. But there are definitely less productive phases.

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