Saturday snippets 25 January 2014

{Talking} wool, linen and layers at the first costume day of the year. I’m actually quite excited that I’m going to be getting some new clothes. And even better news, the blanket I picked up at the red cross is decent quality for my new coat 🙂

{Driving} through a pretty terrifying storm. Went from clear skies to rain I couldn’t see through in moments.

{Eating} lovely curry for tea, part of the bring and share meal at the minecraft party.

{Enjoying} seeing lots of friends at the minecraft party 🙂

{wishing} I hadn’t forgotten wine.

{Looking forward to} a hundred pieces of me. Think it will be the ideal counterpoint to Red Rising, the book I finished last night.


Big is really keeping to her aim of doing some land training regularly and has run several times this week as well as doing various exercises daily. Small thoroughly enjoyed his first swim club session in Junior squad. Smallest is really enjoying an evening with her friends, she blossoms with slightly older girls. Tigerboy has had a lovely day playing with Brio. Must find room to get our trains out.

Please feel free to share your own weekly snippets.

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