Slaves and samurai, it must be historyetc

Seems absolutely ages since we’ve made it over to Henen’s house for a history session, so long in fact that Smallest has corrected herself and now says Helen. Aw. I liked Henen, it was cute.

Where was I? Oh yes, history. Our group has shrunk a little, down to four families atm. These things do fluctuate, we’re discussing how best to adapt, and it seems likely that we’ll start more in depth sessions for the older children, while continuing with craft and Story of the World alongside. We’re on book three now. Slightly awkward, as I don’t actually have a copy, so couldn’t read up and plan an activity beforehand. As we travelled over last night though, I had time to chat with Helen and sort something out then.

So we started with Katy’s activity of anti smoking posters and Helen reading out James 1st opinion on the whole thing. We discussed the slave trade and later on some of them drew maps to show the triangle, while others drew the inside of slave ships or wrote about how being a slave might feel.

Zoe did cooking activities, including making cornbread, succotash and parkin, all of which were fabulous, and Katy organised sumo wrestling in the garden after lunch.

All the kids seemed to get something out of the day, though my favourite moment was actually smallest demanding to paint šŸ™‚ I even joined instagram and shared it šŸ˜‰

A lovely day.

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  1. That all sounds wonderful:)
    Hannah F recently posted…Support for Home EducationMy Profile

  2. Sounds like a very productive and educational day. How often do you get to do these days together and what other subjects do you do with the group?
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…Listography: 5 Things I’d Like To Be reincarnated AsMy Profile

    • This is a once a month meetup and it is for history. Although they do crafts, cooking, drawing, map work, writing and analysis throughout, so in some ways it’s cross curricular šŸ™‚

  3. will blog, should do it now but andrew marr too interesting šŸ™‚ enjoying keeping big for a bit too
    HHaricot recently posted…Introducing my Kentwell Costume [ Tudor ] Sewing blogMy Profile

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