Saturday snippets – may 5th 2012

{reading} I Shall Wear Midnight Terry Pratchett. Rather darker than the others in this series.
{cooking} hole, with and without toad.
{watching} back to the future part two. And slightly wishing I hadn’t bothered. They seem to have forgotten the funny for this one.
{planning} Tudor costumes. Hose, braes, shift and pourpoint all in my very near future.
{feeding} round the clock.
{sleeping} I wish.


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  1. Oh goody are we going back to medieval camp? I enjoyed it so much last year. And learnt a lot from your posts.

    • We are indeed. This year I shall be in barn school both weeks, with both small children with me. Look out for lots of frantic sewing over the next few days.

  2. But look how happy baby looks!

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