Skinned knees and dry nappies.

Today Smallest wore a pretty dress. She loves her pretty dresses. Unfortunately they don’t offer a lot of protection to the knee area, so when she tripped while we were out in the garden she skinned her knee pretty thoroughly. She was very brave about it, well, after the wailing stopped courtesy of a quick feed 😉 Her first skinned knee – seemed like quite a big milestone, but there was more to come.

Later on in the day she discovered she could get to her nappy, and try to take it off. Cue much chasing her around the house, trying to persuade her to either keep it on, or sit on the potty. In the end we compromised with a sit on the potty, then a dry nappy on, with the promise of more sitting on the potty after tea. And when we did that (a good couple of hours later on) the nappy was dry, and the wee went in the potty. Obviously we all had to make impressed noises and tell her what a clever girl she is.

Two big milestones in one day. Smallest is suddenly growing up. It’s a bit scary actually – the language is coming in leaps and bounds, we have phrases as well as just words. Actually, most of the phrases are commands. So we get “sit down Mummy” or “come now” to do whatever it is she wants somewhere else. There are new words daily, and this evening Small was reading with her and was very proud to tell me that she can say “donkey” and “house”.

Small had a lovely evening with her. Big isn’t well, and has spent most of the day in bed (am hoping it’s a quick bug, but keeping a close eye on her) so Small got to spend time with Smallest on his own. It doesn’t happen often, and we were both impressed at how well he manages. (When I say on his own, I’d like to point out that I mean without Big running the show, both Tim and I were in attendance, we didn’t clear off and leave an 8 year old in charge ;).) He played ball, read books, did “pinning” (spinning around until you all fall down) and generally was enchantingly entertaining. It was very cute.

They all are. And now, because whatever it is that Big has got is creeping up on me, I’m off to bed too. I have to grab every chance for snuggling with my baby girl in her bedside cot, before suddenly she’s all grown up and sleeping in her own bed without me.

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  1. I could have written theis post – from removing her nappy or sitting on the potty with the nappy on to “sit down Mummy!” It’s very comforting to know that everything is exactly as it should be. I hope you feel better, love – Rachel
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    • Today I feel worse, but this too will pass, right. Today she won’t cooperate, us undoing anything I do, emptying cupboards, causing mess and destruction. Today she is being full on toddler.

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