Saturday snippets 28 July 2012

{reading} Earth Girl by Janet Edwards. Big raved about this, I’m really enjoying it too.
{watching} The Last Mimzy. Oh, and some sporting event 😉
{buying} more shoes for children. Second pair this week. I could do with sponsorship from Clarks.
{eating} pizza (on a Saturday!) And
chocolate brownie pudding. And the first ripe blackberries from the garden.
{emptying} a box. A big plastic box. Another bag load of stuff to a charity shop. More stuff in recycling bin. I will declutter.
{starting} mutusystem. To run alongside thinking slimmer. I will wear that dress.
{feeling} something. I’ll get back to you on that.

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  1. Hurrah for decluttering! And yes you will wear that dress, and look fabulous in it:-)

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