A list in snippets

{cooking} pizza. Honest. I’m not blogging at all, you can’t see me, la la… {enjoying} BEDN which has completely revitalised both my blogging and my blog reading. I’ve missed both, so this is a real bonus. I only expected to kickstart the writing, not the enjoyment if that makes any sense. {listening} to a wider […]

Sunday (night) snippets 22 January 2016

{feeling} tired. And tired of being tired. But apparently my inflammatory marker level (only bit of the blood test that’s back) is normal. Not that I have any idea what that means. {pushing} boundaries on drawing. Tonight I drew my sktchy portrait with a magic crayon. It was my 50th submission to the platform as […]

Sunday snippets 15 January 2017

{struggling} to get back into the blogging habit. I did so well in December, but then took a Christmas break… {also struggling} with pain, exhaustion, depression? I don’t know. Hard to disentangle emotional states and their permanence or otherwise from a physical position of daily hurtingness and chronic tired. I went for a stroll around […]

Weekend snippets 14 August 2016

{trying out} bullet journaling. Well, I wrote out a weekly diary page three times in a notebook, ripped them out because I didn’t like the layout, and put the notebook in my bag anyway. So I’m thinking about trying out bullet journalling. And somehow I’ve restrained myself from buying yet another notebook even though it’s […]

Saturday snippets 20 April 2013

{Watching} Star Trek VIII: First Contact. May sway the kids to try next gen after all. (They’re voyager fans. Which seems all wrong. ) {Reading} Follow me down. Determined to finish it and start something else off my somewhat towering tbr pile. {Enjoying} sunshine and signs of spring. {Eating} first ever home cooked Ham joint. […]

Saturday snippets 19 January 2013

{Watching} nothing. The media centre has expired. No family film night, we could have hooked up a laptop but with several sick children we decided a quiet early night was a better idea. {Reading} life after life from Kate Atkinson. Not very far in yet but it’s promising so far. {Eating} spaghetti bolognese. Quick, cheap, […]

Saturday snippets 3rd November 2012

{watching} the Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists. Rather fun, and appreciated by the whole family. An excellent family film night choice. {reading} Grace under Pressure by Sophie Walker. Read four chapters. Want to read it all now. {eating} roast chicken. Yes, me too. Didn’t enjoy it, and feel uncomfortably bloated after only one slice. […]

Saturday snippets 15 September 2012

{enduring} pain. (mastitis this time). {appreciating} the NHS. Seeing a doctor within two hours of calling, starting antibiotics an hour later. {cooking} veg pasta sauce, Bolognese for the carnivores. {reading} linked by Imogen Howson {trying} to keep my temper with children and mainly failing. {baking} banana bread and fruit crumbles. Prairie muffins are us. {wanting} […]

Saturday snippets 28 July 2012

{reading} Earth Girl by Janet Edwards. Big raved about this, I’m really enjoying it too. {watching} The Last Mimzy. Oh, and some sporting event 😉 {buying} more shoes for children. Second pair this week. I could do with sponsorship from Clarks. {eating} pizza (on a Saturday!) And chocolate brownie pudding. And the first ripe blackberries […]

Saturday snippets 2nd June

{enjoying} friends and a firepit; jokes and laughter; children playing. {enduring} yet more sewing. {recognising} loneliness, and being grateful for easy companionship and conversation. {listening} Beautiful South. {reading} brains, trains and video games. {regretting} flat battery, meaning no pictures. {eating} less.

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