September snippets 15 September 2018

{wishing} I was more disciplined about these posts. Determined not to beat myself up – but I might go back and fill in a few holes in the archives for future me.

{reading} all the books. At once. Seriously, I’ve got about 4 on the go, I don’t know what I’m playing at. Right now I’m reading Nevermoor, the darkest minds, the kiss quotient, and a couple of others I can’t remember. I need to finish them and start writing up reviews!

{watching} a documentary about Keith Richards. After watching the first several episodes of the Good Place because season 3 starts in a couple of weeks.

{working} a couple of days a week. I’m beginning to figure out what I’m doing which is a good feeling. Logistically it’s all been a bit of a headache, but I think it should settle down as the kids settle into college.

{shuttling} a lot of people to a lot of places, but now that Big has her own car, that should mean I do less driving.

{loving} my new phone. I won a Huawei P20 Pro in a photography competition and it is glorious. Utterly glorious. Think I’ve managed to turn the beauty filter off now thankfully so I should stop looking like a 20 year old in selfies.


Big and Small are a couple of weeks into their respective college courses and while we’re having some logistical teething problems, the actual courses are going fine. Smallest is not desperately happy with all the changes but we’ve got some plans to work on that. Tigerboy went swimming with Big and hopefully it’s going to learn to swim.

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