Swagbucks Holiday Cookies Team Challenge.

Sponsored post which contains referral links. I have a fun way for you to get in the Holiday spirit and earn some gift cards! Swagbucks is holding a Holiday Cookies Team Challenge and they’re a lot of fun! For those of you who don’t know what Swagbucks is, it’s a website where you can earn […]

#MyAquaphor challenge

This post is an every for the Britmums #MyAquaphor challenge, sponsored by Eucerin. Discover the benefits of Eucerin At this time of year, I struggle with my hands. My skin objects strenuously to being cold and damp, I’m not good at winter on so many different levels. And I don’t get along with many skin […]

The purpose of this blog

Was to keep track of our home ed days and chat over the garden fence (virtually speaking) with other home educators. Most of those people have moved on, in that their children are more of an age with my teens and I’ve let the home ed aspect lapse. Today one of those teens used the […]

Brio World Travel Switching Set 33512 – review

This post contains affiliate links. We were sent the Brio World Travel Switching set for the purposes of review, all opinions are mine. We have been Brio fans for a very long time, and have a fairly comprehensive stock of trains and track from years and years ago. I love that it’s all still compatible […]

Pebble by pebble.

One year ago, I took myself to the doctors, thinking I was having a resurgence of the anxiety and depression I’ve battled all my life. View this post on Instagram Took a walk to the seafront and built pebble towers as the sun set. (Videos in stories if you like your waves moving. ) *Deep […]

Thinking of self

Over on twitter today I’ve been involved in a fab conversation with lots of other autistic adults. People have been discussing how they felt post diagnosis, which, particularly for those of us with late dx, can be a whole complicated bunch of things. And then people have gone on to talk about special interests and […]

Saturday snippets

{musing} I was doing so well with blog every day November, then I hit a day where I didn’t know what to write and I was really really tired so I went to bed and that was it. Stopped. How do other people pick up when they falter? (not even asking how people don’t falter. […]

Doing kind things

I try to practice little kindnesses. Letting the guy with three things go past me at the Lidl checkout. Putting my coppers in the volunteer coast watch box in the coop. Giving the homeless woman outside tesco a couple of quid. I hope that stopping and talking to her is kind too. I’ve not seen […]

Monday listening

Ages and ages ago I was going to do a shuffle playlist post. Only at the time I didn’t use Spotify, just listened to Internet radio. So I forgot. Then we got a family Spotify account (educational expenditure when you’ve got two kids doing music performance). And Big built me a playlist, just so I […]

Poppies and poetry

I read Siegfried Sassoon in school and it made me cry. (I do cry pretty easily I know, but that stuff sank in. And stayed.) Poppies are one of my favourite flowers. The above is my own picture. I don’t need poppies or poetry to remember anything, but each can bring focus. I just kind […]

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