Rereading Enid Blyton

The secret island Enid blyton

Buy at Amazon I ordered myself a copy of The Secret Island from ebay. It was always one of my most favourite Blytons – the independent children, running away and living their little self sufficient life on an idyllic island in the middle of a lake. I’ve started reading it out loud to Smallest, but […]

Not starting school.

Smallest isn’t starting school this september. I *think* that the letter we had implied she would be due to start this time – she’s 5 in November, so would presumably be one of the oldest in her year. I think there are a lot of things about school she’d love, but overall, I think that […]

I miss the past.

Again. I even miss getting wet and cold hands failing to felt a hat.

End of a long day


And another reenactment event.

I have no picture

To show you my son. Stood with his friends, performing a song to a packed room and taking the laughter in good part. To show him stood again some moments later, singing with gusto as they took part in an unexpected sing off. Unplanned, unrehearsed, yet hamming it up, great grin upon his face. To […]

Saturday snippets 23 August 2014


{Making} a felt hat. And this time I think it might work having a lovely time with a little team of felters on the barnsward. {Enjoying} the sun and dodging the little rain showers. And the sunsets. The sunsets here are just wonderful. {Marveling} how much pasta one small hungry boy can put away at […]

My son, the page.


He loved it.

To 1578 again, with a side trip to meet Xeno


So I’m now sitting in a tent at kentwell hall with two sleeping children. It’s been a long day. I was up before 7 trying to finish packing the car (I failed) so that Tim and Big just needed to drive over here. Then I took the younger ones to London zoo to meet Xeno, […]



An actual list


That was yesterday’s list. Far too much of it is still outstanding. Plus I now have, find everything for kentwell, mend tent pole, pack car, do washing, pick up shoes, pack for Thursday and try not to panic. Not all going to happen, it is?

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