We need to talk about periods

tampons and towels - sanitary equipment

Recently I went to a parents’ briefing meeting for a camp trip that Big is going on this summer. One of the points the instructor chose to stress was that girls need to bring enough ‘personal hygiene essentials’ because they don’t want the male instructors to have to go to a supermarket and try to […]

Wordless wednesday – flowers


A Higgidy garden picnic while reading Rebecca

Higgidy quiche and Rebecca

A little while ago I was sent a lovely picnic bag from Higgidy and vouchers to try out their quiches. The idea was that we’d have a family picnic. The reality is that that was the week both the little children got sick in succession, and apart from shopping, the furthest I got from the […]

Dora and Friends – the Magic charm toy range

Dora dolls, charm bracelets and more

One of the things my kids love about my blogging is receiving exciting parcels. This one, with the Nick Jr logo on it promised good things. It did not disappoint. How’s this for a box of goodies? These are the new Dora and friends toys. Dora has grown up a little since Big was shouting […]

Books and book diaries with giveaway

Mummyfesto and Monty's magnificent mane with notebooks

Earlier this week, I started book diaries for the little ones, and mentioned that I’m going to start one for myself. I’ve got lists of everything I read last year on here, and I have a partial list of this year, so I’ll probably go back that far, although there’s a huge temptation to start […]

Saturday snippets 25 July 2015


{Sitting} mainly sitting. I spent most of the morning, well day in fact, feeling not a lot of anything while various painkillers rampaged through my system battling pain. And then eventually it wore off. {Enjoying} People liking my snail pictures on instagram. Honestly, it is a buzz taking pictures that people enjoy. I’m not, and […]

Playing with Paper – a somethingosaur


A night or two ago our bedtime story was The somethingosaur by Tony Mitton, illustrated by Russell Ayto. It’s a lovely story of a little lost something who treks all over the ancient world, looking for his mother. It rhymes, which makes it easy to read aloud, there’s mild peril (rhyming creature with eat yer!) […]

fire colour one by Jenny Valentine


Affiliate links (thank you for your support) Buy at amazon buy at Hive Iris’s father, Ernest, is at the end of his life and she hasn’t even met him. Her best friend, Thurston, is somewhere on the other side of the world. Everything she thought she knew is up in flames. Now her mother has […]

Wordless wednesday – a boy and his bear


Boy hair.

after the haircut

Tigerboy is 3 and 4 months, and until today, he’d never had a haircut. He never wanted one. It was his hair, and I thought it should be his decision. And yes, I loved his gorgeous blonde locks, so very soft and fine. Occasionally it annoyed him by getting in his face or mouth, and […]

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