Party in the park.

Parties aren’t my favourite way to spend time. But an invitation from a local home ed family was something I couldn’t pass up, given how well the children get along. And the party was being held at a village hall that has a fantastic playground right outside, so I knew that Tigerboy in particular would […]

Saturday snippets 23 May 2015


{Sleeping} All the wrong way round. I stayed up very late wrestling with the sewing machine trying to finish a second dress for Big’s 1920s reenactment. I didn’t quite manage it she’s only got the bias binding around the neck and one sleeve so hopefully she can finish it off herself. Then I got up […]

Friday in photos.


Mainly because I’m still sewing. No, don’t say anything, I know! Tools of the trade. Including Dylon. Nearly finished. So nearly finished. Just keep sewing. (One hour dress. Humph.)

Coming up Roses by Rachael Lucas


Coming up Roses Rachael Lucas Love can be a thorny issue. Buy at amazon Buy for Kobo Buy at Hive It’s no secret to anyone here that I’m a huge fan of Rachael Lucas, and that’s not just because I’ve known her for over 12 years now, give or take. Got to love the internet […]

(Urban) Landscapes

forbidden hidden urban spaces

Last week when I went to town I had some time to spare, and I explored a little and found some awesome almshouses, and hidden spaces. This week I went back with an actual camera, and after I’d been, discovered the theme of the gallery at Sticky Fingers this week is landscapes, so it was […]

Wondering how to turn off the blue light on your netgear router? Read on.

netgear router turn off blue light

Yesterday we had a small interruption to our internet. Tim was investigating his newly purchased NETGEAR Powerline Wi-Fi Extender/Access Point Kit (Wi-Fi Booster) (amazon affiliate link) and inadvertently hit a button somewhere along the way and factory reset the much loved netgear router. This was a bad thing. Particularly as I’d just sat down to […]

Taste of Sunrise: Butternut squash and lentil soup.

butternut squash and lentil soup

I love soup. And I particularly love homemade soup. So when I was approached a little while ago, to review a recipe, I leapt at the chance. There were pictures on instagram and everything (it even got compliments!) And then life. And general incompetence. And I didn’t get round to actually blogging the recipe, but […]

Tiffany’s butterfly.


Earlier today I commented on twitter about how, since I started photography, and then drawing, I read differently. And now, when I see a small blue butterfly in the garden, I think of Tiffany Aching. If you don’t know why, you’ll want to (re) read Wee Free Men (affiliate link). A couple of hours later, […]

Saturday snippets 16 May 2015

in the garden

{getting up} far far too early. Big had a cadet day which required her to be in the next town, after her paper round, for 8.15. Which was going to be tight. And so of course I woke up at 6, did that horrible flail oh no I’ve slept in, and then realised that actually […]

That Friday photo.


I seem to be regularly running out of words at the end of the week. Sorry about that. Have a picture (or two) instead. Seaside life. Beautiful book.

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