We’re just talking, talking about home education

This weekend I did something new. I was interviewed on radio about home education. It was Croydon Radio, and the interviewer, Swazi, is someone I’ve met several times at blogging events. She was very keen to set up a show around home education, and I’m always happy to talk about it, so once we managed […]

Pieces of the past

calendar and diary

Today I worked through another box of stuff that has been for no apparent reason, stood in the middle of the living room. I found lots of old stuff in it. There were these things. That’s a calendar of pics taken at the second cybermummy. I’m in the dinosaur bloggers pic the diary below it […]

Saturday snippets 19 July 2014


{remembering} summers gone by when a small girl picked berries on the moor. Someone else must have done the top and tail job before we ate them though, I don’t remember that at all! (took an hour tonight. And tip of the day – use a chopping board, instead of your thumb.) {savouring} cheap easy […]

Read52 – a catch up post.


It has been a very long time since I’ve shared a Read 52 update. For that I apologise. I have been reading, but I haven’t been keeping my reviews up to date. Oops. (Let’s not even go near the languishing 300 Picture book list ) So, where were we? I last updated my list a […]

UnmuteUK – let’s get public service working for us


I am a huge fan of the NHS. I think having a National Health Service is an absolutely fantastic thing for all of us, and I’ve done lots to campaign against the sneaky sell offs going on under the current government. (Look up #TTIP for the latest attack.) But. At the same time, they do […]

Starring Kitty Blog tour – Keris Stainton – start with the pizza

Keris blog tour banner 150dpi (1)

Today I’m pleased to welcome an author I’ve actually had the chance to meet in person, not once but several times – Keris Stainton, whose new book, Starring Kitty (A Reel Friends Story), is published 24 July. (Amazon have it wrong. Honest.) Over to Keris, on the theme of Dreams and Regrets. I like to […]

Book giveaways and bargain books

£200 worth of scholastic books with microscooters – enter here Win original Dixie O’Day artwork by creating a character. Reviews from a bookworm has a great giveaway to win a book of your choice. Reviews from a Bookworm: Time For A Break & A Giveaway Lovely giveaway for two children’s books in translation with Playing […]

So, autism.

Back in my 20s, while doing a lot of martial arts (up to 5 2 hour sessions a week) I started getting problems with my knees. And sometimes my hips. And I had them checked out by doctors, had tests for arthritis (runs in the family) and no one could find anything wrong with them. […]

how to make a spindle box at home – cheap Montessori materials

spindle box materials

So, last week I wrote about the Montessori method and materials. I recommended a couple of books – I’ve now found Montessori’s Own Handbook (kindle) for just 36p. I can’t resist that myself quite frankly! I also talked about making my own version of a spindle box. (The spindle box is discussed in Discovery of […]

Drip, drip, drip….

That’s the sound of your civil liberties eroding. Back in April the ECJ (european court of justice?) ruled that a part of our current legislation, the Data Retention Directive, was breaching human rights with regards to privacy. Our government’s response is to attempt to rush through emergency legislation this week. Yes, that’s what I said. […]

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