From Skallagrigg to Wonder via Just Because, diverse disability books


There was a great twitter chat tonight on the #SupportWNDB tags, focussing on disability representation in fiction. It got me thinking of the books I could bring to mind featuring disability or illness. Buy at amazon (secondhand) An old favourite is the Skallagrigg. Unites Arthur, a little boy abandoned many years ago in a grim […]

Dora and Friends twitter party coming soon to a timeline near you

DORA ITC_blogger_button_300_250_1

The more observant among you may have noticed the lovely new badge in my sidebar that says I’m a Dora and Friends party host. Just in case you hadn’t, here’s a close up:

How to keep the kids amused as the nights draw in

Also known as half term resources and competitions to enter! We got a fab Transformers Age of Extinction #5 magazine for review, which includes a great competition running right the way through to 19th December. You get to decorate and build your own robot from the template supplied, then send in a picture to Autumn […]

Student advice

Currys are looking for bloggers three top tips for students, so I thought I’d join in, because let’s face it, it’s an easy ask. Wear sunscreen. What do you mean that’s not original? Bah, I thought I’d get that through OK, fair enough, I’ll start over. I’m allowed to start over right? (It’s my blog, […]

Sunday: sea and sunset and sneaky book previews


I went for a calming walk. It was really Tigerboy who needed the calming, but by the time we got to the beach he was asleep. So I enjoyed it, calmly, by myself. I think the nap did him good. (I assume that’s why he’s still bouncing off the walls at 21.54.) (Am now wondering […]

Saturday Snippets 25 October 2014


{watching} Cast Away. Tom Hanks really is a very good actor. Lots of opportunities for education too, as we discussed his choices throughout, how best to make fire, and what might have been in that unopened package. {reading} not a lot right now. I’m feeling a touch adrift. Big got a good looking book in […]

Meet Julia, the Bonikka doll.


We have a *lot* of dolls in this house. They pass in and out of favour, although some are more popular than others. And Tigerboy has never really clicked with any of them, until now. When I was offered the chance to review a Bonikka doll from Imajo toys, I confess that I assumed Smallest […]

Home education on the rise – a cause for concern?

Only if you’re a Labour politician. To: Department for Education Home Education 210289 Barry Sheerman To ask the Secretary of State for Education, if she will make it her policy to collect information on the (a) number, (b) religion and (c) ethnicity of children being homeschooled in England. Answered by: Mr Nick Gibb on: 20 […]

A day at the Museum of Civilisation


Anyone who has read Station Eleven will recognise the reference. For those who haven’t, the Museum of Civilisation is a collection of things gathered together by the survivors in a very depleted world, things they had little use for, but wanted to have remembered. Goldsboro Books in London did a window display based around the […]

Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger’s Syndrome – expanded edition.


Yesterday’s book-on-a-train was Pretending to be Normal, Living with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) by Liane Holliday Willer – the new expanded edition. The original book came out in 1999 so there’s an additional 15 years of reflection on AS life to be added. Compelling and witty, Liane Holliday Willey’s account of growing to adulthood […]

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