Book blogger woes – the little detail niggle.

I’ve always read a lot. For a lot of years. And maybe because of this, I’m a tiny bit more cynical when it comes to books. I’m also a touch on the pedantic side. Details stand out for me. And when they don’t fit, they can throw my enjoyment of the story. Now, in this […]

Tech toys for Christmas.


We are a tech heavy family here, what with the phones, PCs, laptops and so on. The younger children will be getting extra games for their leappads (Smallest uses the LeapFrog LeapPad 3 – Green, while Tigerboy has last year’s ultra model). They’ve used the tablets for some time now, and I’m very pleased at […]

Streethub – online access to independent fashion and boutique stores


While I was away at camp I was approached to review Streethub, which declares itself to be the way to discover the best independent fashion and design boutiques. You can order online for nationwide delivery (although we appear to have missed the last posting date for Christmas), but with many of the stores you can […]

EUVAT and exhaustion

Since I got back from camp last week (this night a week ago I was detouring around Coventry I think) I’ve struggled to hit my writing balance. It’s no secret to regular readers that I find it difficult to keep true to the things I want to do, while also doing a bit of commercial […]

Ollie the Oobicoo doll – review


A little while ago we had a new arrival in the house. Ollie, the Oobicoo doll. Ollie is not small. He is lifesized – apparently the size of a 6 month old baby – all I can say is I must have had small six month old babies He’s almost the size of Tigerboy, who […]

The perfect holiday

fuerteventura family

Would not involve sickness bugs I’m blogging on the offchance that I’ll get selected as a MarkWarnerMum. They’d like to know what my perfect holiday would be. We don’t go in for luxury holidays in a big way here, mainly because with 4 children, the prices are a bit exorbitant. So our usual family getaway […]

Christmas camp – the journey home

I mainly read. Polished off three books, including one over 600 pages. My coffee machine didn’t arrive in time for me to hold a coffee morning because Small, who we often refer to as never gets ill boy, got ill. Repeatedly. So we ran for home last night, leaving around 10. 194 miles, should have […]

Netflix streamteam – saving money in the run up to Christmas


I’m pleased to announce we’ve joined the Netflix stream team, meaning once a month or thereabouts, I’ll be telling you all about the delights of Netflix. To be honest, I don’t actually know how we managed without it. Since the subscription started, Big has been mainlining boxsets like there’s no tomorrow. She’s a bit sad […]

Angry birds Complete season 1 DVD gift set giveaway


Angry birds as far as I’m concerned is a *hugely* educational game on my phone. (Honest, there’s loads of physics in there. Biology is a bit off though ) But apparently it’s a toon as well, and you can get a DVD gift set with complete season 1 volumes 1 *and* 2 that even includes […]

Snow Queen 2: Magic of the Ice Mirror

We’re gradually getting into the swing of a things in the run up to Christmas -with two family birthdays late in the year, I never feel like I can be completely festive until they’re done with. Now we’re done with getting older though, I feel that we can acknowledge the whole festive season, and get […]

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