And after the words


The silence returns. He’s consolidating. And it will be well.

After the silence


the words. At the weekend I said that I thought Tigerboy was heading for a developmental leap. Today he took it. This morning it was the usual signing, pointing and grunting to decipher the breakfast requirements. He’s happy with it, mostly, although we have been having a few tantrums recently. Maybe the frustration has built […]

Pilates, interrupted


After a bad night (sleep, interrupted) with Tigerboy, I wasn’t in the mood for morning. Which is a shame, as I’ve discovered that my day runs smoother if I get up early, and get outside soon. So, after orange juice then coffee I took myself outside with a relaxing playlist to do some pilates. I […]

Saturday Snippets 26 July 2014

little red schoolbook

{reading} The Little Red School book. This is delightfully subversive, and I’m very much enjoying it. Thought provoking – it’s not a cover to cover read, rather an information manual aimed at pre teens/ younger teens with all the things that children want and need to know that adults tend not to want to talk […]

Read 52: Red

red alison cherry

When I did my update post last week, I forgot to mention Red. I think I won this one. Although it might have been sent for review. In which case woohoo, I’m reviewing it! (And if not, and I did win it, bonus for the publisher ) (turns out it was a fellow book blogger […]

Day in pictures.


Morning cuppa, real tea, no more plastic laced tea bags. A short commute to my garden office Leap reader reviewer hard at work Some reading material in the post A treat to rescue a frayed day Finishing off with a bedtime story for #300PBs

Our summer with Playmobil, pirates and London ahoy!

pirate in the rigging

Followers of my various social media streams will have noticed an increase in Playmobil activity over the last couple of weeks. As part of the playologist program, we had a fabulous delivery of a 5135 Large Pirate Ship along with Jungle Animals and Off-Road Vehicle. As you can imagine, these are really rather popular There […]



On the beach. How terribly British. Except it was a glorious evening, and we weren’t under an umbrella. It was the last SCubs of the year (combined Scout and Cubs group). It was going to be Small’s last attendance, but on heading there will be lots of changes in September he’s considering trying the new […]

We’re just talking, talking about home education

This weekend I did something new. I was interviewed on radio about home education. It was Croydon Radio, and the interviewer, Swazi, is someone I’ve met several times at blogging events. She was very keen to set up a show around home education, and I’m always happy to talk about it, so once we managed […]

Pieces of the past

calendar and diary

Today I worked through another box of stuff that has been for no apparent reason, stood in the middle of the living room. I found lots of old stuff in it. There were these things. That’s a calendar of pics taken at the second cybermummy. I’m in the dinosaur bloggers pic the diary below it […]

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