The #GoGreen Blogtrail with BumpPR – Calafant paint your own treehouse giveaway

a fairy castle in the garden

You may remember that a little while ago I went to a fabulous PR birthday party, and as part of it, in the raffle, I won a wonderful Calafant paint your own treehouse. And today, as part of the #GoGreen blogtrail, I’ve got one to giveaway. There are lots of fabulous environmentally themed prizes to […]

Time for another education carnival?

I thought it’s been a while since we had one. So how about we talk about what your educational philosophy is? I don’t mean that you need to share the kind of write up you might send to a LA. Although obviously you can if you like But what are you looking to achieve with […]

The one on inequality, basic income and anger.

wealth inequality

Source: Oxfam. Seriously. 5 families are wealthier than 12.6 MILLION people put together. Does this strike you as a good idea? And it appears that the welfare state created after the second world war, to even out the chances of all of society, to provide health care, actual affordable housing instead of Affordable Housing™1 and […]

Silent Sunday 20 April 2014


How to make bubble art with children

Bubble art

You will need: Washing up liquid, water based paint, a pot. A child and a straw. (Use a child old enough to blow, not suck!) Paper Blow some bubbles. Squish them with the paper. You’re done. Bubble art is great fun. You can print over on the same paper with different colours, cut the bubbles […]

Development assessment and alphabet soup.


Earlier this week it was Tigerboy’s two year assessment. The local health visitor service had sent out a horribly American (diapers??) questionnaire for me to complete and take back, and I’d followed him around for a couple of days, looking for evidence of wearing boxes as hats, jumping with both feet and kicking balls. The […]

Wordless (and headless) Wednesday


Got a dinosaur fan? Walking with dinosaurs – review and free dinosaur activities

dinosaurs packshot

300 picture books week 15.

Ping and pong grow. Lovely pictures, very individual style. Slightly annoying that the text doesn’t always marry up with the pictures though. And bumble bees don’t make honey. Wild about books. All I said was Hop into bedtime. The magic bed.

Silent Sunday 13 April 2014

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