Saturday snippets 25 April 2015


{watching} Annie for family film night. It’s Smallest’s new favourite film – full review from her on Monday, along with the video from the wonderful workshop we attended. Evenings are Once upon a Time, we’re on Season 4 and starting to panic slightly about what we’re going to watch next. {reading} Lots of phonic readers, […]

Friday photo fun April 24


Starting the day with some colouring. Enjoying spring flowers. And finishing the day with a picture book.

From here to maternity: Pregnancy and motherhood on the Autism Spectrum

From here to maternity by Lana Grant

Affiliate links (thank you for your support): JKP books | Amazon UK (paperback & kindle) | Amazon US (paperback & kindle) When I was growing up, I was very afraid that I would never have children. I wanted them, lots of them (although my dreams stopped at 3 😉 ) but was often told I […]

What If? Anthony Browne

what if anthony browne

I’m learning to draw. Smallest is learning to read. Last night, while we were reading the wonderful What If…? (Amazon link), I turned over a page and we were looking at the picture, and she read the caption before I even saw it. It’s a great book. I highly recommend it – lots to look […]

Project based deslumping

Small, who is often self propelled, is also sometimes not. And at the moment he is in a slump. He’s run out of Alex Rider (read the last book!), isn’t enthused with Maths, not even all that focussed on the pokemon website he started. And as soon as this sort of slump hits in, he […]

Netflix nights: Once upon a time

netflix stream team

Is it that time? That would be Once upon a _ time Our days are bracketed by Netflix at the moment. Big gets up early and after her paper round, settles down for an episode or two of House. Then, after Tim has his news at lunchtime, the younger children get their turn, and often […]

Pokemon for parents: Shiny Charizard distribution.


Last night, Small reminded me that he’d told me about a free Pokemon distribution taking place at Game stores across the country, and that I’d promised to take him to get a code. (I’m assuming that anyone arriving here knows about Pokemon – but possibly not distributions? Basically, this is a chance to get a […]

Saturday snippets 18 April 2015


{watching} swimming rather than a film. Not that I could see all that much of the swimming from my corner seat in the cafe. But it was enough to be there I hope. (Big reminded me that the first time she did Swimathon, 4 years ago, I cried.) {reading} Summer Secrets, the new Jane Green. […]

Friday frolics at the beach


With home ed friends. When the older children were young, we were part of a network of early years home educators, built around Merry’s Muddlepuddle site. Perhaps because there were so few of us we worked hard to build relationships that are still strong 10 or more years later. (I’ve known Merry online for more […]

Today’s memories


Tent Sky

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