A bit of creative musing, and a creators circle prompt


   A breakfast sketch. Sitting in the garden pondering creation. (Not Creation creation, just the act of making stuff. ) When I arrange my pictures to capture a moment of life that doesn’t include the messy house, or my frazzled face, am I lying? I prefer to think I am sharing a glimpse of the […]

Saturday snippets


{wondering} who I’m writing this for. Hello future me, reading back through the archives to remember those little details that might otherwise escape. Hello kids, checking in to see what I think is important from our week. {reading} Island and Squarehead. Both reviewed yesterday so I won’t ramble on further here. {enjoying} challenging myself with […]

I haven’t blogged


And it’s making me twitchy, not blogging, holes in the archives. I haven’t blogged, and I’m afraid my readers will just fade away, forget I was here. (Are you still here? ) No blog for days and I might forget the days, except. Except that I have a record of beach days in photographs, and […]

No words to spare


So have another sunrise (not today’s sadly, which was a bit pathetic as these things go).     Do remember to check out the instagram feed to keep up to date with my pics.

If you go down to the woods today


be sure to take your carrying bag, map, binoculars and little brother.    Don’t forget your imagination. There could be fairies in the wood, but you’ll have to be quiet or you might scare them away. Watch for the signs. There could be gossamer hammocks hung from old flowers.   Maybe they’ve grown little fairy steps […]

Saturday snippets 3 October 2015


{riding} a bike. I staggered out of bed earlier than I needed to be up to get Big to cadets D of E, and as I met her in the kitchen she said – go look at the sky. So I did, and then I went back inside, asked to borrow her bike, and peddled […]

Friday photo – sunrise and spray.


   Worth getting up before 7 and running to the beach.  More pics (and even a timelapse video!) on instagram

Circle time.


It will surprise no one who knows me that I’m pretty much making this up on the fly (If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, pop back to the first post about creative circles here. I’ll wait.) What I have in mind is a situation in which we all support each other. The support each […]

Sun dogs and eclipses


The super blood moon last night was incredible. The three youngest children saw it – each of the younger two just had a look, while Small stayed up for around an hour watching it.  I didn’t get a red picture. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to try manual focus, and the light […]

Opening a creative circle


I have written stories for as long as I can remember. I’ve never joined a writer’s group. I’ve started drawing and painting and general art. But I’m not sure about the local art club. And there’s knitting and sewing and crochet and spinning, costume to make and felt to, well, felt. Creativity is something that […]

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