Beautiful sunset today


Makes the fog all worthwhile

What makes a good PR event?


Today I took the two smaller children into London. I got up at 6, so that I could double check travel arrangements, slightly nervous as I couldn’t find a route without a bus part of the way. We were heading to Surrey Docks Farm to visit the Huggies Pullups bus. The farm is a community […]

Unschooling with Animal Crossing

So this year Small is old enough to be in high school. (When did it start getting referred to as high school here instead of secondary?) Mathematically speaking he’s several years ahead of his peers. In terms of reading he reads extremely well, if sporadically. His writing is excellent, if a little quirky (you can […]

Creating memories

fairy teddy

Recently I was sent a rather adorable teddy bear and some Fairy washing stuff. It’s part of Fairy’s #PowerofSoft campaign. Time passes so quickly when they’re little. It feels like only yesterday when they were tiny newborns enjoying those super soft cuddles for hours on end and pretty soon they are starting to do all […]

Dear Microsoft, about this game you’ve bought.

I understand that you’ve bought Minecraft. Not just the game, or even a development license, but the entire development studio, lock, stock and barrel, minus the guy who came up with it in the first place. Now, I can see why you think it’s a good move. It’s a really popular game. Although I’m seeing […]

Who remembers Ghostbusters? And wants to win it?


Actually, you don’t need to remember it to win, it’s just a cool title. But if you do remember it, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this anniversary copy, and if you don’t remember it, what a great place to start. (How can it be 30 years old? Now I feel old.) To […]

Feeling blue

beach light

So what do you do? A trip to the beach to blow the cobwebs away. And then a cup of tea. Of course.

Saturday Snippets 13 September 2014


{counting} 10k steps. First time I’ve worn my fitbug all day in ages, and cruised through the 10k. Running my mile this morning helped. (In 09.47, which is a pretty good place to be starting from for my aim of running a 10k in under an hour.) {drawing} eyes. Feeling quite pleased with my drawing […]

Saving Grace and Waiting for Doggo

Saving Grace Jane Green

Concentrating on reading means I’ve romped through quite a few titles this week. pre order at Amazon Order on Kindle Pre order at Hive Saving Grace. Release date 25 September 2014. Not quite what I’d expected, from the cover and tagline I was expecting light chick lit, whereas this has a much darker thread running […]

Just reading

I’ve read three books this week. The kindle tells me how long I’ve got left, so instead of frittering my evening away on social networks, I’m reading. I love to read. The reviewing is more of a mixed bag. I hate to think of an author reading a bad review. Or not even a bad […]

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