Thoughts on hoarding

We had a visitor this weekend, and as often happens the first time you meet some IRL that you’ve known online, we talked and talked and talked…

lots of topics were covered. One discussion was around the relative merits of hiring/ renting v owning. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but for me the security of owning outweighes the loss of control with renting, and I’ve done both. Yes, I understand the bonuses of major difficulties/ breakdowns being someone else’s problem – the roof has blown off, call the owner type thing, but I also remember the time the cellar flooded in a rented house and I just spent the next two months mopping it out 🙁

And I hate the idea of being moved on. I hate moving. From the age of 12 ish up until my late twenties for one reason or another I moved on average every 18 months I think. And every time you move, something or other gets lost. Yes, I understand the idea that it’s chance for a fantastic clear out/ decluttering/ cutting down on hoarding, but actually I think it’s contributed to why I hoard. I hoard because things went missing. I hoard because I lost things, never to be seen again, things that I didn’t know I loved until I couldn’t find them again. And now I find it pyschologically almost impossible to throw things out…

Would it be different if it was under control? I have little connection to furnishings or equipment so would I care if our washer was rented, or our furniture was hired? I didn’t know you could hire furniture tbh, but then I found furniture hire in London so it would appear you can. Perhaps if all the furniture was hired so you didn’t have to move it with you, perhaps then each house move would be less traumatic?

But I don’t think that it would help me solve my hoarding problem. I’m not quite sure what could get that under control.

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