Thinking of self

Over on twitter today I’ve been involved in a fab conversation with lots of other autistic adults. People have been discussing how they felt post diagnosis, which, particularly for those of us with late dx, can be a whole complicated bunch of things. And then people have gone on to talk about special interests and […]

What’s it all for?

When I started blogtember, it was to kick start my writing again. And it’s worked – I’ve blogged every day in September. It also hasn’t worked, because sitting at the kitchen table at 11 o clock at night, drooping with tiredness and yet not willing to go to bed because I haven’t blogged isn’t doing […]

Contemplating home education styles, with a Teach My Preschooler kit review.

When you mention home education to people one of the first questions (usually right after ‘but how will they make friends?’) is how will they learn to read? Or do maths? The answer to that is all sorts of different ways, to be honest. Some children just seem to acquire reading in the same way […]

Circle time.

It will surprise no one who knows me that I’m pretty much making this up on the fly ๐Ÿ™‚ (If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, pop back to the first post about creative circles here. I’ll wait.) What I have in mind is a situation in which we all support each other. The support […]

Opening a creative circle

I have written stories for as long as I can remember. I’ve never joined a writer’s group. I’ve started drawing and painting and general art. But I’m not sure about the local art club. And there’s knitting and sewing and crochet and spinning, costume to make and felt to, well, felt. Creativity is something that […]

Regrets and Dreams – Sue Ransom

I’m thrilled to be kicking off the UKYA extravaganza blog tour today with a guest post from the wonderful Sue Ransom. Sue is the award winning author of the best selling Small Blue Thing trilogy, with her latest book, The Beneath published in March this year. She manages all this alongside a full time job […]

Creative competitions for children – roundup

I’ve gathered together a few links to creative competitions for children (and occasionally adults) that are running at the moment. If you’ve any you’d like adding just let me know! Win the chance to perform your own poem with Steven Camden! | Children’s books | The Guardian closing date 27th July open to children age […]

Not starting school.

Smallest isn’t starting school this september. I *think* that the letter we had implied she would be due to start this time – she’s 5 in November, so would presumably be one of the oldest in her year. I think there are a lot of things about school she’d love, but overall, I think that […]

Stabilo early writing resources.

Recently we were sent some samples of Stabilo early writing resources, and the younger children have had a great time reviewing them. This is Smallest with a left handed pencil and a maze. Pretty good pencil grip for a three year old, no? (OK, a very nearly 4 year old. Eek.) I like this pencil. […]

With each stride, more words came.

I am daughter, sister, partner, mother. I have worn many names and carried many labels. Known such love, made connections, and experienced much loss. I cook, clean, write, sing, dance, read, create, entertain, cry, shout, swear and run. I am alternative, eco-friendly, geek, vegetarian. Niche, mainstream, square and weird. I plan, procrastinate, play and potter. […]

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