(early) Saturday snippets September 23rd 2017

{heading} for bed very soon, as Kentwell calls. Our last event of the tudor year, and it’s just me and Small attending. Which will be a little odd tbh, but also quite nice to spend a bit of time with just one child. We’ve four days, and have borrowed a caravan so at least I’m […]

Saturday snippets 21 August 2015

{putting} a tent up Kentwell Hall, ready for this week’s hands on living history reenactment. Forecast was for a very hot day, so I went as early as I could to get sorted before the heat set in. Still hot work, particularly putting it up on my own, but I have now cracked how to […]

Tudor child, Kentwell hall 1578

He is so very beautiful, that Tigerboy. And I was much struck by the people who recalled him, visitors upon the manor from last year who remarked upon his growth 🙂

Looking back and forward to Kentwell Hall.

Challenged to find a picture of my favourite holiday destination for this Al Fresco Holidays blog competition, I couldn’t resist the chance to wax lyrical about Kentwell Hall and reenactment once again. It’s an odd choice of holiday. It’s hard work for one, but I suppose it’s the change is as good as a rest […]

Goodwife Joan of the barnschool.

Meet Goodwife Joan of the barnschool at Kentwell Hall. She also has her son Cal with her. They are standing in the door of the great barn, you can see the barnsward behind them. Joan rises early and breaks her fast in little melford. She may have chores to do before she comes to work […]

Snack time

Unseemly children without their head covers.

Things I’ve learnt from Kentwell, edition two.

Pottage can be really really good. No, really good. I mean it. I think I’ve put weight on. People can be really really ignorant. I am *still* stuttering, hours later, about the woman who commented negatively on me breastfeeding my five month old baby, in character. Apparently tudors had no pride. Grrr. Both borage and […]

Silent Sunday 26 August 2012

Saturday snippets 25 August 2012

{lighting} a fire for cooking on {wearing} kirtle, shift and all {carrying} a baby {making} new friends {missing} my older boy and dp {eating} pottage, frumenty, and fried worts {listening} to the gentle patter of rain on a tent {enjoying} High Summer at Kentwell hall and glorious evening storm with following sunset.

Ten things I’ve learnt at Kentwell hall, including tudor factoids.

Marigold is good for bites and stings. Way better than the various creams and lotions I was carrying, and much more authentically tudor to be stained green. Sod means mustard. You get sod eggs, amongst other things and they are fabulous. Girls did not start having babies young. You didn’t get married/have babies til you […]

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