In the morning, I’ve got to blow my own horn.

I’m going to go and pretend to be a grown up. Not a parent. Someone who has a business. That business is blogging. Working with brands. Exploring and understanding social media. It was suggested that mainly what I need to do is list the brands I’ve worked with and how. I need to brag. I […]

Never heard of Swype? If you’ve a touchscreen phone you need to.

Neither had I, until I was sent an Nokia N8 from ThreeUK that already had Swype installed. Well, actually, it was a while after I was sent it that I figured it out, when the very nice man in the local carphonewarehouse shop showed me how it works. I’d gone in to check out the […]

Nokia N8 dealbreaker – no copy and paste?

I think I’ve found the dealbreaker. I’ve just spent 10 minutes trawling the internet trying to find out how to copy and paste using the Nokia N8. And I’ve found absolutely no one with the answer. (A few ppl implying there is an answer, but no one sharing it!) Could this really be true? Is […]

Moblogging from N8 on phonetrial.

This is the second time I’ve written this post. The first time I explained how beautiful the phone is, lovely responsive touchscreen, fantastic camera, good touches like the onscreen keyboard appearing as soon as you rotate the phone. Then I complained about the software. Explained how this fabulous bit of kit is let down by […]

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