The word of the day is Trust.

Regular readers will remember that before Christmas we were having some difficulties with Smallest and get swimming lesson. From being almost desperate to go, asking each morning if it was her turn yet, she’d had a complete reversal of attitude and completely lost her nerve. I put this down to a change of teacher and […]

Silent Sunday 23 September 2012

Fashion through the ages from the 1550s to 1960s

It’s been a weekend for contemplating clothing. I tried on the kirtle from Kentwell last night, and think either I’d have to lose a bit more weight, or give up breathing for a week 🙁 Tried it on Big today and it looks rather more manageable, so will have to discuss with Katy whether to […]


Aargh, days are slipping by without blogging again! Tim was away for a couple of nights at the beginning of the week, which cut down drastically on my (evening) computing time. It also meant a convoluted set of logistics for the Monday evening activities – Big was picked up slightly late for her fun swim […]

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