(early) Saturday snippets September 23rd 2017

{heading} for bed very soon, as Kentwell calls. Our last event of the tudor year, and it’s just me and Small attending. Which will be a little odd tbh, but also quite nice to spend a bit of time with just one child. We’ve four days, and have borrowed a caravan so at least I’m […]

Sunday (night) snippets 22 January 2016

{feeling} tired. And tired of being tired. But apparently my inflammatory marker level (only bit of the blood test that’s back) is normal. Not that I have any idea what that means. {pushing} boundaries on drawing. Tonight I drew my sktchy portrait with a magic crayon. It was my 50th submission to the platform as […]

Saturday snippets 1 August 2015

{walking} because I can’t run. The pain level in my back/ leg is manageable if I take painkillers regularly, but that leaves me without my exercise outlet. Fitbit tells me I walked for 82 minutes today though, and covered 4.7 miles, which seems an optimistic interpretation, but I’ll go with it. Got to help, right? […]

Saturday snippets 16 May 2015

{getting up} far far too early. Big had a cadet day which required her to be in the next town, after her paper round, for 8.15. Which was going to be tight. And so of course I woke up at 6, did that horrible flail oh no I’ve slept in, and then realised that actually […]

Saturday snippets 18 April 2015

{watching} swimming rather than a film. Not that I could see all that much of the swimming from my corner seat in the cafe. But it was enough to be there I hope. (Big reminded me that the first time she did Swimathon, 4 years ago, I cried.) {reading} Summer Secrets, the new Jane Green. […]

Saturday snippets 28 March 2015

{travelling} to London and back again, specifically to Maggie and Rose in Kensington. Fun venue. Tempted to redecorate now 😉 Made for a long day but was worth it. Am rather regretting carrying a small sleeping boy on the tube without making a fuss about getting a seat, as I’m now walking with a limp. […]

Saturday snippets 14 March 2015

{feeling} incredibly tired. So tired that I can’t quite see straight. (So why am I blogging instead of going to bed?) Because it’s snippets. Obviously. {enjoying} so very much experimenting with art and colour, drawing, shape and form. I’m looking at the world differently – colours are pinging out at me, and I’m spotting blossoms […]

Saturday Snippets 28th February 2015

{watching} Pretty in Pink. Which wasn’t what we cued up for family film night. We’d found some Adam Sandler comedy that we thought would do nicely, but when the time came Small was too busy with his game, so he went off with the DS and the small children as his audience, and we watched […]

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