Friday in photos.

Mainly because I’m still sewing. No, don’t say anything, I know! Tools of the trade. Including Dylon. Nearly finished. So nearly finished. Just keep sewing. (One hour dress. Humph.)

Following their interests (home education the lazy way)

There is a technique sometimes referenced in home education circles called strewing, in which you casually leave educational resources round and about to sucker entice your children into educating themselves. I like to think of myself as an extreme strewer. I’m not, of course. I’m just disastrously untidy 😉 But today it worked well in […]

Learning from sewing

I lost a week last week, a week that I’d got a lot of sewing lined up for. So now I’m sewing through the headache. I’ve discovered that if I sit outside the headache is lower – today is the first day I haven’t needed any painkillers. (I’ve even managed to cut down on the […]

Sunday in the garden

Today has mainly consisted of sewing. In the garden though, which makes it easier to cope with somehow. I’ve also discovered that the headache is much less when it’s outside. I did take a few minutes with the camera though. Insects are even more difficult to shoot than children it seems. What I would have […]

Saturday snippets 26 May 2012

{reading} Carole Matthews: Summer Daydreams, and ico guidelines on cookies. {listening} how to lose your baby fat, thinking slimmer (review). {failing} with cloth nappies (how many changes of clothes today??) {succeeding} with running, fifth run, another 0.83 miles notched up. {watching} fantastic Mr fox (and thinking seriously odd film). {starting} bedroom excavation. {sewing} still sewing! […]

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