Saturday Snippets 14 July 2018

This post contains affiliate links. {watching} Say Anything (Amazon) with Big. It’s a John Cusack film I somehow haven’t seen, so we obviously had to rectify that. (We’re reinstating #FamilyFilmNight but next week – we were running too late tonight after watching the football 😉 ) We loved it in case you’re wondering. And I’m […]

Saturday snippets 9 September 2017

{Practising} habits. Water, exercise, creativity. If I manage to cement these in for another week I’ll add something else – maybe that I clear the kitchen before internet? (This might mean I mainly clear it before bed, but that works too.) {Reading} actually I’ve stalled. I’ve been reading Lynda LaPlante Good Friday (amazon affiliate link […]

Saturday snippets 1 August 2015

{walking} because I can’t run. The pain level in my back/ leg is manageable if I take painkillers regularly, but that leaves me without my exercise outlet. Fitbit tells me I walked for 82 minutes today though, and covered 4.7 miles, which seems an optimistic interpretation, but I’ll go with it. Got to help, right? […]

Saturday 30th May 2015

{watching} Bandits (amazon link). We had dinner before film, and the little ones went to bed, so we could watch something a bit more adventurous. Bruce Willis is usually a good sign that an action movie will at least be fun, although it turned out that this wasn’t really an action movie. The humour went […]

Saturday snippets 28 March 2015

{travelling} to London and back again, specifically to Maggie and Rose in Kensington. Fun venue. Tempted to redecorate now 😉 Made for a long day but was worth it. Am rather regretting carrying a small sleeping boy on the tube without making a fuss about getting a seat, as I’m now walking with a limp. […]

Saturday snippets 14 March 2015

{feeling} incredibly tired. So tired that I can’t quite see straight. (So why am I blogging instead of going to bed?) Because it’s snippets. Obviously. {enjoying} so very much experimenting with art and colour, drawing, shape and form. I’m looking at the world differently – colours are pinging out at me, and I’m spotting blossoms […]

Saturday snippets 17 January 2015

{Watching} bits of the films daughter is watching with her friends for birthday film night. Including Dirty Dancing. Such a good film. {Eating} birthday party food. {Tidying} frantically so there would be enough room for 4 teen girls to sleep in the living room. {Enjoying} discussing books with C, one of the visiting teens. Tim […]

Saturday Snippets 20 December 2014

{watching} The Santa Suit, in the hope of sparking some seasonal emotion. Starring Kevin Sorbo, sadly wearing Armani rather than leather 😉 , it’s not Miracle on 34th Street (either version) but it’s OK. Definitely filled a couple of hours quite happily {suffering} the after effects of camp lurgy. Last week was a write off […]

Saturday Snippets 15 November 2014

{thinking} it’s been an odd week. From last weekend in London, birthday celebrations for Smallest on Monday, attempting so much stuff and managing so little, via a surge of grief on Thursday and then family gathering today. I could do with a holiday. On an island. With someone else doing the cooking. Please? {grieving} again, […]

Saturday snippets 1 November 2014

{watching} Casper. We started off watching Wheels on Meals, which I was expected to be standard Jackie Chan/ Sammo Hung fare, but it turned out to actually be in chinese. After 10 minutes of Smallest requesting Small to read all the subtitles, we quit and found Casper just about to start on TV. So it […]

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