Saturday Snippets 14 July 2018

This post contains affiliate links. {watching} Say Anything (Amazon) with Big. It’s a John Cusack film I somehow haven’t seen, so we obviously had to rectify that. (We’re reinstating #FamilyFilmNight but next week – we were running too late tonight after watching the football 😉 ) We loved it in case you’re wondering. And I’m […]

(early) Saturday snippets September 23rd 2017

{heading} for bed very soon, as Kentwell calls. Our last event of the tudor year, and it’s just me and Small attending. Which will be a little odd tbh, but also quite nice to spend a bit of time with just one child. We’ve four days, and have borrowed a caravan so at least I’m […]

Saturday snippets 9 September 2017

{Practising} habits. Water, exercise, creativity. If I manage to cement these in for another week I’ll add something else – maybe that I clear the kitchen before internet? (This might mean I mainly clear it before bed, but that works too.) {Reading} actually I’ve stalled. I’ve been reading Lynda LaPlante Good Friday (amazon affiliate link […]

Summer snippets part one

Yes, I know I said yesterday that I was going to review a book today, but I kind of haven’t quite finished it yet. Sorry. I’m not quite sure what I’ve done with today, but it’s gone out from under me. So instead, I thought I’d do you a bumper snippets edition to recap on […]

Saturday snippets 26 September 2015

{feeling} like it’s rather more than 2 steps back for every step forward at the moment. But I think a very large part of that is my own perception, and that’s something I need to work on.  {washing} all the things. And wishing there weren’t quite so many things. So much bedding, and Tudor kit, […]

Saturday snippets 1 August 2015

{walking} because I can’t run. The pain level in my back/ leg is manageable if I take painkillers regularly, but that leaves me without my exercise outlet. Fitbit tells me I walked for 82 minutes today though, and covered 4.7 miles, which seems an optimistic interpretation, but I’ll go with it. Got to help, right? […]

Saturday snippets 4 July 2015

{looking at} maps. Lots of maps. And starting a board on Pinterest. where I now have a business account, but as it won’t let me verify my website, I don’t think it makes a great deal of difference. Do let me know if you’ve any creative boards I can follow though 🙂 {sitting} in my […]

Saturday snippets 27 June 2015

{travelling} into London for a fab picture book session with Little Tiger books. We got to meet a variety of authors and illustrators, there were crafts and face painting for the children, and lots of interesting people to meet up with, including Anne-Marie from Child Led Chaos and her children. {feeling} inspired by the very […]

Saturday snippets 16 May 2015

{getting up} far far too early. Big had a cadet day which required her to be in the next town, after her paper round, for 8.15. Which was going to be tight. And so of course I woke up at 6, did that horrible flail oh no I’ve slept in, and then realised that actually […]

Saturday snippets 25 April 2015

{watching} Annie for family film night. It’s Smallest’s new favourite film – full review from her on Monday, along with the video from the wonderful workshop we attended. Evenings are Once upon a Time, we’re on Season 4 and starting to panic slightly about what we’re going to watch next. {reading} Lots of phonic readers, […]

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