Slow Sunday

I woke up this morning stiff and full of pain. I should have done week 6 day 3 of couch to 5 k – there was no way that was happening. Instead it took me nearly two hours to stagger about hanging out two loads of washing with frequent rests, and by the time I’d […]

C25K take three?

I’m not sure how many times I’ve started and restarted running now. The first couple of times I devised my own routines and built up over time until I was regularly running 3 miles or occasionally further. But I’ve suffered a bunch of odd injuries and found it really hard to get going again. So […]

Look down as well as up

   Lesson of the day – look down as well as up. No sunrise visible today – heavy cloud cover and drizzly rain. I spent a while on the beach trying (and failing) to take artful pictures of spray – got my feet wet twice in the process.  Decided I’d walk around the point to […]

Time to quit…. smoking that is.

I used to run. I started when I was doing karate, to top up my fitness and, if I had a break from training, to get myself back in a condition to cope with long tough karate sessions. Life got in the way, I haven’t done karate for many years and I miss it. Maybe […]

With each stride, more words came.

I am daughter, sister, partner, mother. I have worn many names and carried many labels. Known such love, made connections, and experienced much loss. I cook, clean, write, sing, dance, read, create, entertain, cry, shout, swear and run. I am alternative, eco-friendly, geek, vegetarian. Niche, mainstream, square and weird. I plan, procrastinate, play and potter. […]

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