The death of Dylan Seabridge – home education in the news.

The last couple of days home education has featured on several radio shows and BBC news because of a leaked report into the death of a child in Wales in 2011. The case is tragic. Dylan Seabridge died of scurvy (although apparently his parents dispute that) without contact with medical services. There *was* a family […]

First it was allegations of abuse, now it’s radicalisation – the dangers of home education

What *is* it that politicians think I’m doing with my children? I think I’m home educating them. Educating them otherwise than at school, as is my legal right. Well some of them. Tigerboy is too young to count, and Big is now in school, and don’t get me started on that. It is a parental […]

What’s in a word?

School v education. Homeschool v home education. Different images aren’t they? To me anyway, although mainstream media and politicians in this country for some reason do not seem to see this. Setting aside the implied discourtesy in using a term not in use by the ppl concerned, is this because they don’t want to accept […]

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