How to make a fabric indoor wreath

I was recently approached by Turtle Mat to take part in a wreath making activity, they were kind enough to send me the materials for the wreath and a catalog of their products. (Do check out their Christmas collection, I’m eyeing up a boot stand as a possible organisational tool to help reclaim the porch.) […]

Saturday snippets 21 August 2015

{putting} a tent up Kentwell Hall, ready for this week’s hands on living history reenactment. Forecast was for a very hot day, so I went as early as I could to get sorted before the heat set in. Still hot work, particularly putting it up on my own, but I have now cracked how to […]

See another side of the UK with a working holiday

Readers outside the UK will want to get more details on the ins and outs of UK legislation, so do click here for that. If sitting on a beach isn’t for you, there are lots of other ways to spend your leisure time, and some of may even be educational. But you might want to […]

Mistress Joan and family

We finish at Kentwell hall midsummer tomorrow. Last chance to meet Mistress Joan until August.

Perfect moments

When the rain starts 5 minutes after you get back to your tent after a long warm day. When your 3 year old picks up a diabolo lying on the sward and can almost work it. When you speak to your other half and say a friend went on a supermarket run so you asked […]

The Petie Schole by Francis Clement

Published in 1587, The Petie Schole by Francis Clement claims to contain “a method to enable both a childe yup reade perfectly within one moneth, & also the unperfect to write English aright” Having read most of this last night, I’m not sure I’d say it was a truly complete method, but I’ll be giving […]

Keeping God’s hours.

Well nearly 😉 We tell visitors that we rise with the sun. I was awake at 4, but I didn’t crawl out of my lovely warm sleeping bag until 6, to do a bit of remedial work on the page’s jerkin. Morning’s are worth it here. Today we’ll be welcoming school parties from neighbouring counties. […]

De stuffocation and a digital detox.

It’s Kentwell time. I’m not ready. I’m never ready. I trudge through my days frittering time away and then suddenly panic that the deadline is upon me. I don’t know why I do that. I think I’m getting worse at it, or maybe it’s just that there are more of us to get ready. (Where […]

Time traveling mode – 1920s

I’m really quite pleased with how this dress turned out. Looks well at the Hall, doesn’t it?

Friday in photos.

Mainly because I’m still sewing. No, don’t say anything, I know! Tools of the trade. Including Dylon. Nearly finished. So nearly finished. Just keep sewing. (One hour dress. Humph.)

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