Saturday Snippets 14 July 2018

This post contains affiliate links. {watching} Say Anything (Amazon) with Big. It’s a John Cusack film I somehow haven’t seen, so we obviously had to rectify that. (We’re reinstating #FamilyFilmNight but next week – we were running too late tonight after watching the football 😉 ) We loved it in case you’re wondering. And I’m […]

Lifestyle changes, the Italian edition.

A few months ago, t’other half had a bit of a wake up call from a scheduled GP encounter. Nothing immediately serious, but a whole load of little factors that add up together to mean that his overall health picture wasn’t nearly as good as it could be. Basically, his age, weight, lifestyle and being […]

History on our bookshelf.

Yesterday I mentioned making Lord Woolton’s pie, working from a recipe in Wartime Cookbook that we got out of the library. Then last night when I was preparing tea (nothing exciting, chinese chicken bits from the coop with stir fry veg and rice) I noticed an elderly looking book on the bookshelf. [For anyone relatively […]

one handed blogging.

last post was about Friday. Since then: soa rolled over twice during a nappy change, and is becoming increasingly mobile on the floor. She also managed to wriggle herself around in the cot and pick up toys that I thought were out of her reach. Am loving watching her figure things out. Big and I […]

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