Middlesbrough children encouraged to read with chance to win iPad mini. Confirmed open to home educators.

Children in Middlesbrough are being encouraged to explore the town’s most popular stories with new reading logs and the chance to win an iPad mini. Note, most of what follows is a press release, which is why it doesn’t read like one of my blog posts. However, I’m sharing it because when I followed it […]

The purpose of this blog

Was to keep track of our home ed days and chat over the garden fence (virtually speaking) with other home educators. Most of those people have moved on, in that their children are more of an age with my teens and I’ve let the home ed aspect lapse. Today one of those teens used the […]

Lands of make believe

This post contains affiliate links. You don’t have to use them, if you do, I get a small percentage from any purchase you make, without any additional cost to you. Today’s prompt for #BEDN is travel. This is something I’d love to do, but don’t have the funds to cart a 6 person family off […]

Contemplating home education styles, with a Teach My Preschooler kit review.

When you mention home education to people one of the first questions (usually right after ‘but how will they make friends?’) is how will they learn to read? Or do maths? The answer to that is all sorts of different ways, to be honest. Some children just seem to acquire reading in the same way […]

The Petie Schole by Francis Clement

Published in 1587, The Petie Schole by Francis Clement claims to contain “a method to enable both a childe yup reade perfectly within one moneth, & also the unperfect to write English aright” Having read most of this last night, I’m not sure I’d say it was a truly complete method, but I’ll be giving […]

Not starting school.

Smallest isn’t starting school this september. I *think* that the letter we had implied she would be due to start this time – she’s 5 in November, so would presumably be one of the oldest in her year. I think there are a lot of things about school she’d love, but overall, I think that […]

Some days are diamond, some days are stone

Can’t use the title I wanted to use, because I already used it. So I’ve had to put the whole lyric in, instead of just half 😉 It’s been that kind of day really. Big started the day with a physio appt, (which meant I started the day hauling her out of bed and going […]

Saturday snippets 26 May 2012

{reading} Carole Matthews: Summer Daydreams, and ico guidelines on cookies. {listening} how to lose your baby fat, thinking slimmer (review). {failing} with cloth nappies (how many changes of clothes today??) {succeeding} with running, fifth run, another 0.83 miles notched up. {watching} fantastic Mr fox (and thinking seriously odd film). {starting} bedroom excavation. {sewing} still sewing! […]

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