Potty training no 4 with Huggies Pull-Ups

Tigerboy isn’t quite ready for potty training. I keep trying, but given that his preference for doing no 2 (sorry!) is hiding in a corner in best “I’m not pooing” pose (see above), I don’t think we’re quite there. He will use the potty, but I find that we often degenerate into a Joyce Grenfell-esque […]

What makes a good PR event?

Today I took the two smaller children into London. I got up at 6, so that I could double check travel arrangements, slightly nervous as I couldn’t find a route without a bus part of the way. We were heading to Surrey Docks Farm to visit the Huggies Pullups bus. The farm is a community […]

Highs and lows.

New question at the dinner table tonight, tell me how your day has been. Mine has had highs and lows. The highs have been very high, the lows disgustingly low. So I managed to do my yoga this morning and ran at lunchtime, knocking another 20 seconds off my best time this year for 1.2 […]

The thing I didn’t pack.

I did quite well this week. I managed enough clothes for all of us for five days. Two musical instruments, an assortment of computer type gadgets. Books, craft items, even a high chair. The one thing I didn’t pack was a potty. I didn’t think we needed it. I brought nappies for the two small […]

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