Harry’s last stand – reviewed.

Buy on kindle (£1.09 in Summer sale Aug 2014) Order at Hive (affiliate link) Order at Amazon (affiliate link) I’m not sure when I first came across Harry Leslie Smith. It might have been the poppy article. Or I might have seen something about him in a news report, I’m not sure. I remembered the […]

Are there some topics picture books shouldn’t cover?

Last night I picked up Denver by David McKee to read at bedtime. I’d grabbed it in the library as the cover reminded me of Mr Benn (I hadn’t realised David McKee wrote Mr Benn before. ) The story starts out straightforwardly enough. Denver is rich and generous. He has lots of staff and supports […]

The last colony read 52 book 3

(Yes, yes, I know I haven’t blogged book 2 yet. But I’ve read it and it was wonderful and I’m just waiting to find out about the cover and stuff like that 🙂 ) Anyway, I think this means I’ve caught up. Last Colony is classic SF. Aliens, colonies, battles, politics. Heroes, villains, idiots and […]

Democratically accountable – in 90 weeks time.

I was reading recently about the spot checks on illegal immigrants. Various people have taken exception to how these occurred, and to whether they were actually even legal. This bit of the article leapt out at me though: Last month Mr Justice Blake said the policy was a disproportionate interference in people’s lives and suggested […]

Tonight I am thinking of friends.

I read an excellent article just now. This quote stood out for me: The classic tools of propaganda are being used to turn the electorate against benefit recipients: demonisation; lies and distortion, appeals to fear, stereotyping and repetition. It is disturbing to discover that public opinion is being shifted towards the government’s desired ground. Once […]

It’s just not fair!

If you’re a parent, I’m going to lay odds that you’ve had this said to you at some point, by a child feeling hard done by, maybe that a sibling was perceived to get more of something or other, or a better something or other perhaps? And maybe you’ve done like I’ve done, and explained […]

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