Never heard of Swype? If you’ve a touchscreen phone you need to.

Neither had I, until I was sent an Nokia N8 from ThreeUK that already had Swype installed. Well, actually, it was a while after I was sent it that I figured it out, when the very nice man in the local carphonewarehouse shop showed me how it works. I’d gone in to check out the […]

Exit interview for the Nokia N8 #phonetrial

I posted a couple of times about the N8 while I had it on phonetrial from Three (see moblogging from the N8 and Nokia N8 dealbreaker), but I thought it would be good to do a round up review much as I did for the HTC Desire HD. S’funny. I love Nokia phones. I love […]

Nokia C7 on #phonetrial from WomWorldNokia

The Nokia C7 really is a thing of much beauty. Appealed to both of us – in fact, have never seen dp quite so taken with a piece of tech, it’s usually me that does the drooling. He coveted it – until he’d tried using it for a day or so. Then he handed it […]

Nokia N8 dealbreaker – no copy and paste?

I think I’ve found the dealbreaker. I’ve just spent 10 minutes trawling the internet trying to find out how to copy and paste using the Nokia N8. And I’ve found absolutely no one with the answer. (A few ppl implying there is an answer, but no one sharing it!) Could this really be true? Is […]

Moblogging from N8 on phonetrial.

This is the second time I’ve written this post. The first time I explained how beautiful the phone is, lovely responsive touchscreen, fantastic camera, good touches like the onscreen keyboard appearing as soon as you rotate the phone. Then I complained about the software. Explained how this fabulous bit of kit is let down by […]

Exit interview for the HTC Desire HD.

Looking back through posts, I realised that I mentioned the HTC Desire HD I had on loan from three a couple of times, but I didn’t do a specific review post, unlike the mifi, the Nokia N97 mini and the Nokia E72. Tut. So I’ll rectify that now. When the HTC arrived, I thought it […]

Trying hard to love the Nokia N97 Mini.

I’ve had this phone on trial for nearly a month now – Christmas and our family trip away got in the way of sending it back to its home at WomWorld. An extended loan though means that I really get chance to try it out under fire, and find my way around all its quirks. […]

Wednesday woes and Angry Birds.

I’m blaming the very nice lady at Three for the latter addiction! As I sit here typing on my netbook, dp is sitting next to me playing Angry Birds on the HTC desire. Neither of us has a games console, I kind of think that I ought to want one, but have never managed to […]

More moblogging

This time from the HTCDesire on loan from Three. I’ve installed WordPress for Android and I’m tapping away fighting with the predictive text, but I can’t quite seem to figure out why sometimes I end up somewhere else on the screen. I shouldn’t like this phone, but oh I do. I can’t quite work out […]

testing moblogging

this is a blogpost from the N97, via pixelpipe. got to say this keyboard isn’t as usable as it looks at first sight, the keys just aren’t very responsive, and it isn’t big enough to touchtype. think I’m actually slower on this than I was on the E72. (There’s a test I should be doing, […]

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