Cub’s First Winter #100books

Cub’s First Winter by Rebecca Elliott was sent free of charge by the publishers Top That! Publishing to support our 100 Books Challenge. This is a lusciously illustrated storybook about winter, which has a mother fox explaining the season to her curious cub as they enjoy a last forest walk on the first day of […]

The Feather #100books

Won this one on twitter from tamarindbooks. It’s a lovely book, and I’m pleased to find that Smallest is rather fond of it too. Extremely fond of it in fact – last night she had me read it through 4 times straight off. I think it’s the birds. She loves birds. It’s one of her […]

Riding Tycho #100books

Book 5 for our 100 books challenge. I picked this one up at the library a few weeks back. I think I’d seen the sequel somewhere and realised that it was a sequel, so looked for the first one and was lucky. I wish I’d grabbed the sequel at the same time as my complaint […]

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies #100books

This was the book I picked up from the British Mummy Bloggers Christmas lunch book exchange. I thought I’d made a note of who I got it from, but I can’t find it now! Anyway, although I’ve heard a lot about The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency before, I’d never actually read one, so I was […]

Katie Morag Delivers the Mail #100books

We love Katie Morag. Somewhere in a box in the garage we have a large edition of several of the stories combined, given to Big, iirc, by friends some years ago. And these stories and pictures do stand up well to larger editions. In fact, that would be my only complaint about this particular version […]

I have discovered I am shameless

when it comes to charity. I will tweet at publicists, publishers and bookstores. I will email publishing companies, write guest posts for blogs and ask for stuff in comments on yet more blogs. And I was brought up to believe it’s rude to say I want 😉 I don’t really know what’s come over me. […]

Book blogging/ reading/ reviewing challenge.

During our week away I’ve been thinking lots more about my blog for good challenge. I’m intending to donate from any blog related income – I’ll do that as and when I actually receive anything! The Santa Run for EACH is next weekend. My costume is here, waiting for me to put it on, and […]

Fairy godmothers, charity and blogging for good

When I worked, and had a (reasonably large) salary, and only one child, and money spare at the end of the month, I always donated to charity straight from my pay packet. Now I don’t work, and although we donate goods to the charity shops, and buy stuff from them, it’s very rare that I […]

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