Walking tall.

Last week I popped in to the local Lidl for bread and milk. And came out with stilts. As you do 😉 I couldn’t resist, they were only £1.99 a pair. I think we had a set, years ago, but one disappeared, and you can’t do a great deal with one stilt. So I gave […]

Friday frolics at the beach

With home ed friends. When the older children were young, we were part of a network of early years home educators, built around Merry’s Muddlepuddle site. Perhaps because there were so few of us we worked hard to build relationships that are still strong 10 or more years later. (I’ve known Merry online for more […]

Imaginative outdoor play – the nowhere box (again)

The smaller children have discovered animal crossing and the Wii. I’m sure they are getting a lot out of this. Particularly in that they play with Small, which is lovely to see. However, the weather is improving, and they all love being outdoors. None of us are good with long dark days, and the return […]

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