See another side of the UK with a working holiday

Readers outside the UK will want to get more details on the ins and outs of UK legislation, so do click here for that. If sitting on a beach isn’t for you, there are lots of other ways to spend your leisure time, and some of may even be educational. But you might want to […]

Dunwich Heath Sconeathon – inspiring Stilton and Ale scones.

At the weekend we were invited up to Dunwich Heath National trust, who were having a sconeathon. I’d no idea what a sconeathon is, but it sounded like a good idea 😉 Dunwich Heath is just up the coast from us, and not a National Trust property we’d visited before. Then again, we haven’t done […]

Out and about on a #gbwalk at Ickworth House.

Late breaking decision last night was to meet up with friends for a day at Ickworth. It nearly didn’t happen when Tigerboy sleep in till after 9 and I then had to wake up the others at 10, but they all liked the idea so we scrabbled together a packed lunch and headed out. There’s […]

A #GBWalk at Wicken Fen with the National Trust

Last Sunday we went to Wicken Fen nature reserve, to join a National Trust #GBWalk bloggers event. I love Wicken Fen. It’s just at the limits of my drive for a good day out, but it’s completely worth it. It was the first nature reserve the National Trust owned, back in 1899, and at that […]

Today the National trust impressed me.

I am a little sad that we live in a world where this impressed me, mind. Fabulous day out at Wicken Fen. I’ll write it up properly tomorrow though, am very tired now.

Anglesey Abbey with added friends.

Today we went out to Anglesey Abbey. It happens to be conveniently located between Merry and myself, and so an ideal place for us to arrange a transfer of daughters – I have acquired an extra one for a few days. It also achieved ticking off of another item from my summer todo list – […]

More prize winning shenanigans

A little while back I entered a competition in the Times. It was celebrating/ promoting the National Trust Food Glorious Food campaign, and it included both admission and meal vouchers. I won. I like winning competitions 🙂 So on Thursday we used the vouchers – we took Tim’s brother and sister-in-law to Sutton Hoo, spent […]

Blickling hall.

While we were camping at Deersglade campsite, most of our friends spent bank holiday monday at Bewilderwood. As a family we didn’t fancy that – we’re not good at queuing, and I had a feeling queues may be involved on a bank holiday. Instead I’d taken both our National Trust and English Heritage handbooks and […]

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