Would you like to live on #BritainsBrightestStreet?

Looking up at the sky every afternoon makes me think about all that free energy flowing down from the sun daily. And I rather wish that we had solar panels, like Tim’s brother. Our house is pretty well situated for it, with a good south facing roof, but it’s that initial outlay that’s offputting. That […]

MyFamilyClub’s free MyFamilyPack – sponsored review.

I follow MyFamilyClub on twitter (often try to join in the #thriftyThursday quiz), and am subscribed to the website. It’s a goldmine of budget tips and competitions, and when they approached me to do a sponsored post about their latest campaign, the free MyFamilyPack, it didn’t take me long to say yes, as I can […]

Saving the pennies and saving the pounds.

Thrift is a big part of our day to day life here. Partly because I don’t like waste, partly because with six of us at home every pound has to be persuaded to go that little bit further. So reading on Tattooed Mummy that Money Supermarket are looking for £30 ways to save a pound, […]

Yellow stickers of shame.

Browsing twitter the other evening, as I oh so occasionally do, I was surprised to see someone saying something along the lines of self service checkouts being a boon as they cut down on yellow sticker shame. (I’m sorry, I don’t remember who it was, and I’m assuming they’d rather not be credited 😉 ETA […]

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