Sunday snippets 15 January 2017

{struggling} to get back into the blogging habit. I did so well in December, but then took a Christmas break… {also struggling} with pain, exhaustion, depression? I don’t know. Hard to disentangle emotional states and their permanence or otherwise from a physical position of daily hurtingness and chronic tired. I went for a stroll around […]

Reading together – Fairytale phonics from Miles Kelly

A little while ago we were sent some Miles Kelly phonics books to review. At the time, Smallest was completely uninterested, so they languished on a pile, looking very attractive but being mainly unloved. A couple of weeks ago, she had a new burst of interest in the whole reading process, and as is the […]

Education in the garden with Miles Kelly/ The Wildlife trusts handbooks

A few weeks ago I picked up several rather lovely Miles Kelly/ wildlife trusts handbooks in Lidl. I got British Birds, British Wildflowers and Trees Handbook (British Handbooks) (amazon affiliate link), and British wildlife. They’re not just fact books, although that would be pretty good in itself. Instead they’re structured as handbooks, with spaces for […]

A world book day surprise with Miles Kelly.

A little while ago I was very pleased to be approached by Miles Kelly publishers to be involved in a secret santa style book swap with other bloggers. I was assigned a blogger to stalk research, and someone else researched us. I chose a book and then waited. And a fab parcel arrived through the […]

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