It’s the hard knock life for us!

It can’t have escaped your notice that there’s been a remake of the Annie Movie, this time starring Quvenzhané Wallis, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx. And today it’s out to buy on DVD and Blu-ray. In the run up to this launch, Smallest and I had a very special day out in London, at the […]

Saturday snippets 28 March 2015

{travelling} to London and back again, specifically to Maggie and Rose in Kensington. Fun venue. Tempted to redecorate now 😉 Made for a long day but was worth it. Am rather regretting carrying a small sleeping boy on the tube without making a fuss about getting a seat, as I’m now walking with a limp. […]

What makes a good PR event?

Today I took the two smaller children into London. I got up at 6, so that I could double check travel arrangements, slightly nervous as I couldn’t find a route without a bus part of the way. We were heading to Surrey Docks Farm to visit the Huggies Pullups bus. The farm is a community […]

Treat day. (With bonus Shattered book launch.)

Today has been a treat day. I try to do this with the children in some kind of rotation, but it can be difficult to juggle. Today was Big’s turn. We got on a train to London. When we got there it was coffee time. Then we went to a bookshop. For this. This is […]

Saturday snippets 8 June 2013

{Writing} tech post on seo. You can probably see a snippet in the sidebar. {Travelling} to London again. Hyde Park for the #BigIF. {Wondering} why there weren’t any signs. Maybe some of the other people in the park would have come too. {Learning} about the issues facing Tanzania and DRC (Congo). Different countries, situations, histories. […]

Saturday snippets 1 June 2013

{Travelling} home from Cybher. {Eating} posh canapes. {Drinking} coffee and red wine. {Learning} about dslr cameras and g+. {Meeting} loads of friends, old and new. {Feeling} tired and happy and proud of my elder daughter spreading her wings. {Snapshots} Big went to her first blogging conference. Small showed real maturity over disastrous happenings with his […]

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