Light in photography and painting.

We’re going for the pictures speak a hundred words here. I love playing with a camera and light. Exhibit A: Dewdrops. Best taken from the floor, you may end up with wet feet/ knees. Exhibit B: sunset. This a blurred version with silhouettes – I think I was playing with a review camera for this […]


It’s all about your point of view. The same flower, the same morning, the same camera. Just from two different points of view.      To me one looks warm and one cold. One could be morning and one evening. Or one summer and one winter. No, both today,  taken just a minute or so apart, […]

Playing with light, and doodling

I love experimenting with my camera, which is not something I expected to be saying here. Today I was scrabbling around in the garden, trying to get the angle to get a shot against the sinking sun. I think it went pretty well. Then I finally got around to doing a sketch for sketchalong. Which […]

Bubbles and light

Going through some of my photos from this week, it occurred to me that I could link up with the Better Photo Project over at Love All Blogs. So I am doing. Spent some time with the children in the garden blowing bubbles. Bubbles are even more difficult than children to photograph. This shot isn’t […]

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