A Story Like The Wind by Gill Lewis, illustrated by Jo Weaver.

I borrowed this from the library in December and couldn’t face taking it back without reading it. It’s utterly beautiful, both story and pictures. (It was the pictures that drew me in to begin with, as we’ve a picture book by Jo Weaver already, the very beautiful little bear.) The pictures complement the lyrical text […]

300 Picture books week 2.

Continuing our attempt to meet the 300 Picture book challenge. We’re on track so far. Our first Judith Kerr of the year. It’s not a Mog book (boo) but it does have a very Mog looking cat in it. When Willy went to the wedding. It’s not his fault, honestly. Two ladybird books today, first […]

The Hungry Caterpillar #100books

This set, as linked to, was one of Smallest’s first presents. The soft caterpillar annoys me slightly, as it’s been changed from the illustrated one to make it more educationally interesting, and I really didn’t feel that was necessary. We carted it around for a few months, and Smallest didn’t squidge the interesting sounding bits, […]

Elmer #100books

Book 10. 10% of the way towards 100 books.And, pyschologically quite important, double figures, finally 🙂 Elmer is a library book. This is a shame in a way, as Smallest is extremely fond of him, and is probably not really going to want him to disappear off home. I feel that like previous favourite borrowed […]

Life of Pi #100books

I’ve seen this book around a few times, it crops up on suggested book lists as a *good thing to read* but I’d never been tempted. So I was actually quite pleased to receive it as a Christmas present and have it to stretch my boundaries a bit. Without blowing the plot too far (given […]

Voyager #100books

I already read and reviewed Riding Tycho (I’ll wait while you go and look), and I was desperate to find out how the story continued, which has got to be a good sign yes? So I was very happy to find this in our library yesterday, and brought it home and started it last night. […]

Riding Tycho #100books

Book 5 for our 100 books challenge. I picked this one up at the library a few weeks back. I think I’d seen the sequel somewhere and realised that it was a sequel, so looked for the first one and was lucky. I wish I’d grabbed the sequel at the same time as my complaint […]

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies #100books

This was the book I picked up from the British Mummy Bloggers Christmas lunch book exchange. I thought I’d made a note of who I got it from, but I can’t find it now! Anyway, although I’ve heard a lot about The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency before, I’d never actually read one, so I was […]

Katie Morag Delivers the Mail #100books

We love Katie Morag. Somewhere in a box in the garage we have a large edition of several of the stories combined, given to Big, iirc, by friends some years ago. And these stories and pictures do stand up well to larger editions. In fact, that would be my only complaint about this particular version […]

Our Cat Flossie – the first book #100books

Of our 100 Book Challenge. This is one of a bundle of mini-treasures picked up for 25p at our local Red Cross shop and given to smallest for Christmas. She loves books, and of the pile she received from us this appears to be her current favourite. Not that surprising given she also loves cats. […]

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