From here to maternity: Pregnancy and motherhood on the Autism Spectrum

Affiliate links (thank you for your support): JKP books | Amazon UK (paperback & kindle) | Amazon US (paperback & kindle) When I was growing up, I was very afraid that I would never have children. I wanted them, lots of them (although my dreams stopped at 3 😉 ) but was often told I […]

For world autism awareness day: This is me.

Hi. I’m Jax, I’m 44, I have 4 children, a slightly embarrassing IQ (it’s just a fact, kind of like my height) I’m 5’5″ and autistic. That last one is one I’m still bashing around. “You don’t look autistic.” Um, thanks. (What does autistic look like? No, you’re right, I’m not Dustin Hoffman.) The thing […]

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